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Saturday, 29 August 2009

High Fashion Pauses for Canines in Chelsea

New York is one of the world's greatest centers for fashion and design, and residents can often be found hosting and attending special parties, shows, trunk events, and other staples of the fashion world, helping to support the industry through its difficult days as the financial crisis ensues worldwide. There aren't many reasons most New York fashion lovers would accept for putting a temporary halt on the festivities, but a recent foray into the world of fashion for dogs has proved a worthy cause for celebration and a bit of a departure from the seriousness recently seizing the NY fashion scene. Pet Fashion Week (apparently it gets to have an entire week dedicated to its canine cause), as it was affectionately named, recently took place in the area, much to the delight of dog lovers in Chelsea and throughout the island.
Offerings included designs submitted by fashion school students and professional companies alike, with scores of pieces on display along with oodles of fun pet accessories that probably had many pooches drooling a bit around their Sunday best. Plenty of proud and well-groomed dogs showed up to the events held throughout the week, donning pretty little dresses, protective rain gear, and other staple items that have had pet owners grinning with glee for decades. Pet fashion has, after all, been around for quite a while. The essential dog sweater has been a staple of pet ownership for ages, and it seems only natural that over time, the item should gain a bit of styling and panache to help keep pets warm and fabulous at the same time.
To some, the concept of haute couture for pets may seem a bit outlandish. But for many of the people who own dogs and dress them up, the practice is a way to bond with their pet and shower them with attention and care –a practice with great potential benefits for dogs and dog owners alike. Among the many different types of doggie duds, scores of embellished and fashion-forward accoutrements were on display through the week. Pretty little leashes, lovely collars, attractive name tags, and other items were fully represented. A kind of costume jewellery for dogs, these items are a great way to get into the spirit of pet pampering without going so far as to figure out how to get four legs into a dress.
The close of Pet Fashion Week marks the end of a somewhat topsy-turvy season of fashion shows and events, one in which great items and collections were revealed, and one which also held many tragedies for the industry. On a lighthearted note, the designer dog clothes and cute accessories infused the New York fashion scene with a bit of much-needed invigoration and freshness, helping fashionable pet owners as well as those who live without an animal companion to get back into the spirit of fun and carefree fashion appreciation.

a dog poses in her best fashion

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Fall Fashion Envisions Biker Chic with Studded Accessories

There's something about fall that seems to make it ripe for the rediscovery of the allure of the biker chic. In the sudden cool of afternoons and evenings, in the swirling of falling leaves, and in the rich colors of sunset, the image of a tough and decidedly fashion-forward woman can seem as crisp and refreshing as an autumn breeze. It's no wonder, then, that among recent offerings and shows for fall fashion, the biker chick theme has found firm footing. Angular jackets, dramatic over-the-knee boots, plenty of leather and rich pieces in black, and scores of other items unmistakably headed towards the haute couture of the Harley Davidson have appeared on recent runways and in advertisements, bringing out a bit of the bad girl for current clothing lines. But far and wide, the most generous application of biker chic elements has been wrought into the season's accessories. From shoes and boot heels and straps to necklaces, bracelets, bags, belts, and bag charms, accessories for fall have clearly been updated with a bit of the outrageous.
Studs and spikes may not fall into everyone's imagination of the perfect outfit –especially when there's dancing or other close-quarters shenanigans to be anticipated. But those without a particular penchant for the pointy stuff can still take advantage of the look of the season by applying such elements to fashion accessories. Numerous bags parading their way into stores just in time for the fall line have been adorned with sought metal elements, making it easy to take advantage of the trend. An scores of stiletto heels, stacked sandals, and other endlessly wearable shoes have been updated with the embellishments of the day to provide a simple sneak into the biker chic look.
Of course, costume jewellery presents one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get into the swing of biker chic. With a great appreciation for fun and versatile materials and a passion for prices that make it a breeze to update personal collections from one season to the next, costume jewellery has many answers for fashionistas looking to add a bit of tough punk to their preparations for fall fashion. Spiked and studded bangle bracelets and cuffs have wonderful potential, as do rustic metal elements when strung from simple and smooth chains and neck strands in 14k gold, sterling silver, and rhodium. Earrings can get a bit punky with fun shapes and interesting elements as well. Bag charms and cell phone straps and adornments provide extra ways to open up to new trends in costume jewellery design. Dangling from a favorite purse or adding a bit of glamor to the conversation at the end of a mobile device, these charms are a wonderful way to whet your appetite for this updated fall look. No matter how you decide to work a little rough rider into your fashion wardrobe this season, costume jewellery accessories have you backed up with all the right gear.

a studded headband

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Our End of August Weekly Winners

If your name is below and you've received our notification, send us a reply via email with the selection of your choice from the prize category on our main page. We'll send your pick all perked up in our signature gift wrapping.

Congrats to:
Hazel Smith
Ann Smith
Christine Stephens
Lorraine Brook
Beverley Hudson
Joanne Griffiths
Karen Horstead

If you haven't won yet, keep your fingers crossed! If you've ordered from us in the past or you've opted to enter via our main site, you just might see your name appear here soon.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Find Your Way to the Perfect Bangle Bracelet

Most jewellery pieces aren't only a pleasure to look at, but are a pleasure to wear, as well. From the satisfying weight of a pair of earrings to the subtle feel of metal slipping over the collarbone while wearing a necklace, putting on a piece of costume jewellery may work wonders for the eyes of those in local view, but the tactile sense of the wearer is also highly engaged. Bangle bracelets constitute some of the most intriguing and enjoyable jewellery items available. With typically wide cuffs that can slide around the wrists and forearms, or be moved up a bit to settle firmly in place, bangle bracelets bestow a unique tactile feeling while they show off their aesthetic best. At Janeo, we've greatly expanded our bangle bracelet selection, in part thanks to reflection about the wonderful feel of these classic costume jewellery staples. But much of the credit goes to the discovery of the collection pieces themselves, and when we saw these labyrinthine bangle bracelets, we couldn't help but add them to our offerings.

turquoise bangle bracelet

The idea of the geometric maze has delighted and entertained people around the world for thousands of years. Grown into hedges or carefully applied to the floor of a church, labyringths have traditionally been appreciated for their ability to challenge the mind, guide the spirit, and generate smiles wherever they're found. It's not too often that the chance comes along to personalize something like a maze, and the opportunity to wear one is bound to be much more rare. But costume jewellery lovers can achieve exactly that by donning a geometric bangle bracelet from our collection.
Our bracelets begin with a strong foundation of gleaming metal. In either rhodium or gold plating, the two and a quarter centimetre wide cuffs stretch an ample six centimeters in diameter, allowing for fluid motion over the wrists. The beautiful polish and striking smoothness of the finishes are elements that become quickly contrasted, however, by the beginning of precise geometric lines, following an unknown course across the surface of the bracelet to reach the other side. The precise ornate pattern plays out against the backdrop of any number of vibrant colors in enamel, highlighting the brightness of the metal lines and adding visual interest and pleasure with rich and bold tones.

open view o turquoise bangle bracelet costume jewellery

A bracelet that is sure to make a memorable jewellery gift or ear a top spot in any costume jewellery wardrobe, this bangle –in any one of its many manifestations-- has been dreamed up, crated, and offered with the greatest delights of the eyes and the spirit in mind. We offer this wonderfully wearable and engaging bracelet in a variety of color combinations: rhodium-plated costume bangle with turquoise or juicy pink enamel, or 14k gold bracelet with moody eggplant, exuberant orange, or classic white enamel. Trace your way to your favorite shades and find bliss for your wrist with one of our new bangles.

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Weekly Winners - Claim Your Prizes!

Congratulations to this week's winners, who were selected from a pool of our previous customers and site visitors who have entered via our main page. If you've won, simply shoot us an email with the item you'd like to receive from the prize category and we'll send it off straight away!

Our winners this week are:

Martin Hayward
Lindy Cousins
Laura Baer
Louise Murray
David Pope
Farhan Mirza
Jen English

Congrats and good luck for those still hoping to win!

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Milan Beats New York for Top Fashion Hot Spot

There are a number of cities that come to mind when considering the centers of the world of fashion and design. Cities like Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and London typically make the major lists, but two of the most heavily competing cities in recent years have been New York and Milan. As Italy's traditional fashion capital, Milan has become increasingly associated with high fashion as the national design landscape flourishes, and despite closing out the previous year in the number four spot, the city has now risen to first place, sending New York down a notch.
A growing number of heavily watched celebrities, such as Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, have been spotted romping around the fashion capital, their shopping bag exploits recorded as well as possible to the eagerly awaiting masses. But it's probably not solely to Posh Spice's credit that this city has broke through the ranks to claim a total victory over the world's other fashion hopefuls. Milan's relatively small size and density in comparison to many of the other cities on the list may have a lot to do with its sudden surge in popularity. Providing the perfect environment for design day-dreaming, Milan plays host to many professionals and students, yet isn't over-saturated, giving it a kind of natural and undiscovered feel that has evidently paid off in full.
Of course, the effects of the global financial downturn may have a lot to do with Milan's rise over good old New York. As budgets dwindle and corners are cut, many Americans who previously supported the luxury market and played an active role in the national fabric of couture have quietly stepped offstage, with the result that less funding and less interest is being poured into the US' fashion mecca. Milan, on the other hand, is home to some of the most dedicated fashion lovers and patrons in the world, and a greater ability to grapple with the economy's claws may have helped the city stand its ground.
But just where do these ratings come from, after all? Who decides which city is the best during any given year? Simply put, you do. The public and private interests that drive the media lead to a certain score for each city comprised of its prevalence in fashion news for a given period. The data, which is collected by a non-profit group in the US, is analyzed and released on a regular basis. The group noted that in addition to Milan's sweeping victory, the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Barcelona, Mumbai, and Miami have also done extraordinarily well.
Though the specific ranking of each city may not have a major impact on the lives of each and every fashionista out there, planning a trip to the current hotspot –with proper preparations for pairing outfits with costume jewellery, of course--, may prove an especially enjoyable annual activity.

sightseeing in Milan

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

All Hail the September Fashion Mag Issues

To the truly committed, each edition of a favorite fashion magazine has its special allure, calling forth from the newsstands, beckoning buyers to browse through the glossy pages and dream up new directions in their own personal design. But for most of the world, the season that really matters is fall, and the issue that exemplifies autumn is the one produced, published, and proffered in September. In fact, the special edition has enjoyed enough generation to be the star of an upcoming documentary of the same name, which follows Anna Wintour and her team through the production of Vogue. What's so special about the September issue? The elements are practically endless.
One of the most oft-cited reasons why September issues of fashion magazines carry so much weight is that readers are typically instilled with a desire to buy their items for the year as the leaves begin to turn. Possibly stemming from the days when the coming fall meant a return to school and the need for a new, well-fitting wardrobe, this basic instinct drives scores of fashion lovers to the stores come Autumn, and designers are intent on putting perfectly prepared visions in their heads before they break out the bucks.
The sheer differences between the summer and fall fashion wardrobes may also be at least partially responsible for the gravity of the September issue. While browsing for a swimsuit while already in a swimsuit, or preparing to move from a tank dress to an all-out sun dress may be a bit anti-climatic, imagining the look and feel of a thick sweater or heavy coat while at the beach can be especially enticing. Rather than simply fading into a slightly different design or structure, the shift from summer to fall presents ample opportunities for the imagination to wander –and to be captivated by well-presented ideas.
Those who've already begun to dig into this year's crop of fall fashion bibles may have noticed that the load is a little lighter than is normally to be expected. As a growing number of advertisers spend less funds on major campaigns, either ruling out the coveted ad spots in September editions or seriously paring down on their extent, most fashion magazines to hit the stands this fall will be a little easier to carry home.
But while the thickness of these fall mainstays may diminish a little as the economic crisis grips the fashion world, there's no sign that they'll be going away altogether any time soon. With scores of fashion-forward men and women pouncing on the shelves to get a glimpse of the season's best offerings, the charm and attraction of the September issue is still formidably strong. If you haven't thumbed your way through a fashion magazine of choice this month, pull up a chair –or a beach towel-- and feast your eyes on what's new for fall this year. We'll gladly take your reports on all the costume jewellery goodies you can find!

A selection of September magazine issues

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Men's Half Moon Necklace Laces Up with Luster

Though men's fashion is a major worldwide industry featuring several notable designers and a long and rich history of inspiration and innovation, men's jewellery has not always been as open to exploration. As a result, some men find it difficult to locate quality, attractive jewellery pieces that are both representative of their personalities and exude a sense of masculine style. Gems and special baubles for royalty have always been around, but such pieces are often too gaudy, not to mention too expensive, for fun and casual wear; to add a it of flair to both business and casual outfits, men can rely on the handsome lines and affordable jewelry rates offered by the very best collections of costume jewelry. At Janeo, we're dedicated to providing an ample and distinguished men's jewelry section, able to suit just about any taste and reflect a number of fun materials and looks. We also aim to spring for the interesting and unconventional, and our men's half-moon stainless steel and rubber necklace is a prime example.

Men's crescent moon necklace

An excellent choice for any jewelry lover with a silver allergy, this necklace is crafted in premium stainless steel for a smooth, gleaming, and rich-toned finish. A substantial, stylized crescent moon shape shows off the polish of the metal, giving off a mystical quality with its beautiful lines and hollow center. The pendant is accentuated by a criss-cross of thin black rubber cord, creating an appealing contrast in design and material that adds a subtle abstract nuance to the piece. This choice men's costume jewelry necklace comes with a ball-and-links chain in stainless steel, with an easy-open ball fastener.
The necklace is a great choice in jewelry gifts and can take on a number of special meanings, whether spiritual, personal, or motivational. The half moon presents a sense of nature, recalling the serene beauty of the night sky, the swift and silent movement of clouds, and the steady, ever-present undulation of the tides. An important symbol in a number of cultures and philosophies, the half moon connotes a spirit in touch with the unseen world, and in tune with the environment. Racing through this calm and icy artistic landscape, the bold rubber evokes a sense of depth and substance, its deep matte black providing an extraordinary counterpart to the sheen of the surrounding steel. The rubber's original yet solid direction and sense of purpose within the piece lend a unique quality to the necklace, creating artistic tension while providing the opportunity for harmony.
A poem for the modern male's jewellery wardrobe, this stainless steel necklace is an exemplary piece of men's costume jewelry that is sure to accentuate stylish attire. Fashionable, funky, and yet refined for a variety of occasions, the necklace is a celebration of men's jewelry design.

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bloomingdale's Focuses Fall Campaign on the Silver Screen

The competitive market for fashion this fall may be fierce, but Bloomingdales is showing that it still knows how to present the season's best in style. As the retain chain aimed at affordable luxury has been incorporating increasingly artistic fall fashion campaigns over the past few years, shoppers have begun to eagerly await the theme come Summer, and the attention given the stores as one of the most important parts of the fashion year approaches has largely paid off. Rather than revert to a kind of discount-conscious atmosphere, such as the recent shift to less pricey items at Vogue, the store has decided to take on the majestic and magnificent movies with the theme “Lights, Camera, Fashion.”
Taking advantage of this dedication to glitz and glamour in a market that's largely reeling from the loss of various fashion houses and the down-sizing of many others, Bloomingdale's seems intent on keeping shopping spirits high, and has a number of promotion elements planned for boosting the star power of its Fall campaign as far as it will go. By far the most remarkable aspect of the campaign has been the company's decision to commission five short independent films, which will be shown in special lounges and online. The attraction is sure to draw a fair number of interested shoppers and the artistic elite, and rumor has it that one of the shorts has been staged in the store's own lingerie department.
In addition to this bold marketing move, Bloomingdale's has garnered the sponsorship of the Turner Classic Movies channel, an element that's sure to delight classic film fans around the country. Staging beautiful window presentations at its stores, the company is clearly putting its best effort in the encouragement of reviving the glamorous looks of the silver screen, no matter the financial woes that may betide the fashion industry. With an impressive line-up of movie star endorsements, the Fall fashion season is sure to be a little more interesting with the addition of the Bloomingdale's campaign.
While recent trends in jewellery, especially during the Spring, have focused on large, structural elements, it remains to be seen how Bloomingdale's will put its special spin on fine and costume jewellery pieces for the season. Perhaps taking a cue from bygone eras, we'll see a re-emergence of Victorian and Art Deco earrings, necklaces, and bracelets fit for accompanying the classic elegance of red-carpet gowns. There's plenty of room for sparkling Swarovski crystals and other costume jewellery staples that are able to achieve a blockbuster luster without breaking the bank. As the preparations are made for a full-swing Fall promotion, we're sure to spot the store's jewellery picks in the coming weeks. No matter how the show plays out, it's clear that Bloomingdale's is bent on bringing the beauty of the movie screen to the somewhat lowered spirits of the fashion world.

a Bloomingdale's store window

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Weekly Winners Update

Put your palms together for this week's crop of jewellery prize winners! Either throgh direct entry on our main page or just for being a previous customer, these lucky winners have been picked to have the costume jewellery prize of their choice shipped right to their doors. If you've won, simply send us an email and let us know which item you'd like to recieve.

This week's winners are:
Alan Kinsey
Atanas Todorov
Hannah Young
Betty McKenzie
Alisha Zolfa
Tracey Lannagan
Carolyn Wren


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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Escada Shows Itself Out

While the high fashion market has always been remarkably competitive and volatile, demanding not only creativity, style, and excellent presentation from designers, marketers, and their teams, but depending on a dedicated following as well, German fashion house Escada has seemed immune to the pitfalls of the fashion industry for several years. With a growing network of worldwide boutiques, a fair celebrity adoption on the red carpet that included such big box-office names as Demi Moore, and a successful branding campaign that rendered the label a cult favorite across several demographics, Escada has seemed a staple of haute couture to much of the fashion world. It might be a bit shocking, then, even within the context of the current economic crisis, to discover that the label has recently announced its abject insolvency, a financial problem from which it's not likely to rise.
One of the biggest sob-stories of the year in fashion has been the demise of much-loved firm Cristian Lacroix, complete with a funeral-style final show and plenty of tears from loyal fashionistas, models, and industry insiders. But the ultra-luxury status of the Lacroix house may have left some with the idea that exorbitant fashion is simply on the way out –a trend that might have trickled down a bit to Escada, but certainly shouldn't have obliterated the label altogether. While the company is certainly out of the “effortlessly affordable” price range, its fair degree of accessibility to the general public resulted in a more widespread adoption that might have saved the label from the ice-cold clenches of the collapsing luxury market.
It seems that a combination of this market decline and what amounts to poor management is ultimately responsible for the label's demise. After a series of bad deals and unwise investments, Escada struggled with the onset of the financial crisis to find a solid foothold as demand began to diminish. It apparently found none, however, and when last year's Winter collection was unveiled to less than enthusiastic onlookers, the fate of the brand began to show through its stylish veneer. This month, the company asked its shareholders to give up around fifty percent of their investment in the brand in order to secure a bank loan capable of keeping the company afloat –at least in the short term. While an eighty percent approval rating was required for a successful deal, just under fifty percent of shareholders approved the action, and on Tuesday after the window of opportunity had drawn to a fatal close, threw effectively threw their towel in.
Escada lovers may mourn the brand's collapse, but others still might look forward to impending sales and imagine what new designs and brand ideas might be born out of this fashion market failure's essential lesson: in dire times, management and spot-on collections can mean everything. As the crisis continues, luxury fashion lovers cross their fingers in hopes that their favorite labels won't follow this unfortunate example.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Moonstruck with Multicolor Gems

Familiar as we are with many elaborate jewellery shapes and forms, ranging from the complex and elaborate designs of traditional jewelry pieces to the simple and powerful lines of modern pieces, it's not too often that we come across a costume jewelry piece with a shape that really jumps out at us. But when we saw these inspiring crescent moon earrings, we knew we had to have them –and share them with our customers. Our special moon-shaped earrings make an incredible statement for wearing to special occasions or simply out shopping. With a sweeping, elegant profile that's instantly classic yet incorporates a number of sleek and trendy modern touches, this is truly the pair to wear if you want all eyes on you. Adding an ethereal element to any accessories wardrobe, these earrings are capable of immediately upping your style quotient, and let you drink in the beauty of the celestial spheres at the same time.

crescent moon silver earrings

What could be better than the graceful movements of these delicate yet sturdy costume jewellery earrings? How about an assortment of some of the most popular and eye-catching Swarovski crystals around? Highly prized for their superior shimmer and ability to bring out rich, gorgeous colors in a small amount of space, Swarovskis are some of the most sought after gems on the modern costume jewellery market, and these crescent moon-shaped costume jewellery earrings have perfectly captured the stones in all their multicolored glory. Comprising the shapes of the crescents themselves and dotted along the three uneven falls that give these earrings their wonderful drama, you'll find round Swarovskis of various sizes in a show-stopping array of beautiful colors. From rosy pinks to relaxing violets, intriguing light greens to smoldering topaz yellows, innocent peaches and even a sturdy graphite, the colors of these stones reflect a refined rainbow of tones that's perfect for complimenting the unique shape and aspect of the earrings.

close-up view of multicolored Swarovski crystal earrings

At the very tops of each piece, adorning the quality metal posts, ample pink Swarovski crystals are bezel-set and polished to an other-worldly shine, bringing a sense of the color show to come to the opening notes of this sweet song in metal and crystal. Bringing the mystery and light of the moon to jewellery that compliments any style and skin tone, these earrings exemplify the versatility and great personality that costume jewellery can add to even the most crowded of jewelry wardrobes. If you've ever looked up at the night sky an wondered at the soft yet compelling beauty of the moon and its ever-shifting shape, or marveled at the dazzling range of colors dotted along a meadow of wildflowers, you'll find a sense of nature's majesty in this pair of long costume jewelry earrings. Slip on a pair and head out into the promise of a new day –but don't be surprised if you receive a lot of compliments along the way.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Stars Head to Havana

Havana may not immediately come to mind when considering the world's most famous celebrity spotting locales. But recently, the city has been bustling with such big names as Benicio del Toro, Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and James Caan, who were in Cuba, officially anyway, in order to be present for del Toro's reception ceremony upon his achievement of the International Tomas Gutierrez Alea Prize. The special honor, bestowed upon del Toro for his depiction of Che Guevarra in the recent film “Che,” created a bit of buzz and apparently was able to bring some substantial star power along with it.
While celebrities an as yet undiscovered American citizens alike have had some degree of trouble visiting and working in Cuba over the past several decades, the new American administration's efforts to rethink its relationship with Cuba has led to greater opportunities for collaboration. Rumors have been circulating that the all-male big screen team had an ulterior motive to their visit: scoping out the possibility for the creation of a film in Cuba. With its clear waters, old-world charm, and distinctly Caribbean appeal, the country makes sense as a filming destination, particularly in light of its inexpensive services.
Whether we'll be seeing much more of Cuba in celebrity news seems fairly certain; even if the island doesn't become a popular destination for movie making, its beauty is sure to draw plenty of stars for vacations and holidays. Of course, this leads to the ultimate conundrum of how to accessorize for a perfect Havana hangout. If it wasn't obvious from the get-go, costume jewellery's eternal love affair with facets spells out the perfect starting point for fun and functional costume jewellery accessories that'd highlight the warmth and wonder of this previously forbidden island.
The legendary sun in Cuba might make it a bit impractical to don a lot of heavy jewels. So, with a sigh, but a knowing nod toward necessity, we defer to the sparkle power of cosmetic mirror bag charms. These versatile pieces provide a bit of reflection for checking up on your lip gloss or checking over your shoulder for that particularly juicy waiter with the trilling accent. Of course, a mirror's the perfect opportunity for getting in a bit of bling, as well, and our compacts do exactly that.

swarovski crystal cosmetic mirror bag charm
Our limited edition heart shaped bag charm beautifully composes the subdued colors of afternoon sun in lazy bursts surrounded by tiny embedded champagne Swarovski crystals. Swirling, creamy enamel plays off the soft leatherette panel that protects the mirror from scratches, and bestows the small but sensational accessory with a beauty that's perfectly appropriate for a hot night at a Carnaval parade or a quite evening by the pool. As relations with Cuba benefit from a bit of the sunny demeanors currently in office, we hope more cultural exchange will occur across the water –and that costume jewellery will continue to benefit as a result.

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Congrats to this Week's Winners!

With the weekend in full swing, it's time to throw out a celebratory note to the past week's jewellery prize winners here at Janeo. With a great selection to from which to choose, our winners can indicate the item of their choice through email and we'll send it off straight away in our much-loved custom packaging. A big round of applause for:

Wannawit Kengvibul
Frances Annets
Sebastien Torres
F Alam
Peter E. Hilson
Claire Boitoult
Lara Evans

Good luck to our previous customers and entrants in the days to come!

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Top Japanese Model Eyes Global Challenge

Being Japan's top model is a pretty big deal. Though the islands that compose the nation may be small in comparison to the lands of other fashion capitals, Japan represents one of the strongest consumer markets in the world, and the ability to sway a purchase choice with the wink of an eye or simply with a signature brings with it a great deal of fame, prestige, and power. This power is what Yuri Ebihara, the nation's first and foremost supermodel, is after in her bid to join the ranks of Giselle Bunchen, Kate Moss, and others who represent the world of fashion in the Western Hemisphere.

Ebi-chan and her burger

To those familiar with the modeling industry, Ebihara's 29 years may seem substantial, yet her glowing, youthful appearance belies a spirit that hasn't lost its childlike wonder. Though short in stature, the model expertly portrays the modern ideals of Japanese beauty, from her graceful gait to her disarming smile and twinkling-bright eyes. Found in Japan associated with a multitude of products –even including a McDonald's burger named after her--, “Ebi-chan,” as she is affectionately called, is a common sight in Tokyo and most other major Japanese cities.
Citing her familiarity with the Japanese fashion scene and her desire to branch out and work with bigger and broader things, Ebihara hopes to gain a similar popularity in New York, Milan, and other major fashion hubs traditionally unused to major Japanese talent. Ebihara's fresh look and charming spunk would be a welcome addition to any catwalk, in our measured opinion, but the model might get a helping hand from choosing fashion accessories that bridge Asian and Western aesthetic influences. Ever charitable, we've devised a couple of quick recommendations for Ebi-chan, as well as for any woman who wants to get into the Pacific fusion look this summer.

blue georgette costume jewellery necklace
Our delectable glass beaded necklace goes under cover with a light blue georgette fabric wrapping, beautifully showing off shape while adding interest and cute-appeal with this fun yet elegant fabric. An ample tie of the same material and plenty of length makes the costume jewellery necklace easy to wear with just about any outfit, and the satisfying weight yet soft fabric feel makes it perfect for wearing something that looks great while staying as comfortable as possible. Recalling Japanese funky fashion as well as ceramic traditions, this glass bead necklace jewellery is the perfect piece for making a worldwide fashion entrance.

cream and clear flower corsage brooch pin
Great for adding a little bit of charm without a lot of fuss, this clear corsage flower with rich butter-toned petals and white and black contrast backing is a beautiful accessory for a sweater or shirt, or can even be word as a bag charm. With an oversized Swarovski crystal working its multifaceted magic in the center, this corsage can multiply Ebi-chan's sparkle power while playing off the floral dispositions of Japanese and global style.

With these cross-cultural costume jewellery pieces, Ebihara and fashion boundary-blurring mavens everywhere can get a little luxurious without spending a lot.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Ample Dose of Pink

Imagine the smooth and effortlessly scrolling lines of classic Victorian filigree, working its way around a cluster of gems with myriad finials and flourishes that draw the eye and send it skipping about a beautiful piece of jewelry. That's the attraction behind our beautiful chandelier earrings, which take their stylistic cues from a variety of sources. The elegant jewelry of bygone eras is fully present in these earrings, with a sense of the traditional that's updated for modern jewellery mavens. With quality, smooth metal bases that alternate between strong defining lines and delicate swirls that give the earrings a sense of whimsy and flair, the pair is at once a faithful acknowledgment of the beauty of designs of the past and a testament to the power of modern pops of color.

pink chandelier earrings

That color is delivered through a series of stunning Swarovski crystals, noted for their incredible ability to catch the light and project vibrant colors that make a big statement from just a little sparkling stone. The earrings feature two rich pink Swarovskis, one positioned vertically in an oval shape at the very top of the filigree, and one round stone serving as a beautiful centerpiece. The delicious pink tone of these stones is off-set by a series of softer rounds, arranged beneath the earrings' focal point in a graceful line that reinforces the gentleness of the color. Complementing the sparkling show of hues set off by the Swarovskis, the earrings are finished in three dramatic hot pink glass beads. These beads are a fiery and attention-getting touch, with interesting, swirling cuts and a slightly oblong shape that's great for providing counterpoint to the fluid lines of the earring bases. Ready for even more beads? The impressive chandelier earring structures are suspended from long, sweeping, and graceful stems of near-clear pink beads in an exciting shape that brings a distinct modernity to the pair. And to make sure no detail is left unattended to with the bounty of pink's many shades, the earring posts themselves are embedded with single round Swarovskis.

modeled pink chandelier earrings

Throughout the pieces, you'll find little details that really bring the beauty of classic chandelier earrings to the set. From tiny metal dots to expertly pointed swirl edges, these earrings understand the basic concept of the chandelier costume jewellery piece, and are intent on bringing that elaborate feel and timeless appeal to your jewelry collection. We love these earrings for their generous use of one of the hottest costume jewelry earrings colors around, but if you're not the world's biggest fan of pink, don't despair; we offer these gorgeous pairs in two other colors, as well. For those with an affinity for the hues of the sea and sky, our chandelier earrings in icy blues are a great gift or self-indulgence treat. If you prefer the fiery glow of aurora borealis crystals, try our affordable costume jewellery earrings in clear. No matter your personal palette, you're sure to turn heads in our classic chandelier earrings.

clear crystal earrings

sky blue chandelier earrings

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Saturday, 1 August 2009

All Abuzz about Bruno

Fans of Sacha Baron Cohen, an actor with several years of pushing people's buttons under his belt, are probably most familiar with the star's film Borat, which was released a few years ago and chronicled, somewhat hilariously, a character of Cohen's creation who hailed from Kazakhstan and made a US tour as a confused but well-meaning journalist. A far departure from the goofy antics of Borat, Cohen's latest invention focuses on a very different kind of character indeed. Bringing his penchant for slightly uncomfortable comedy to the world of fashion, Cohen has been gearing up for the release of Bruno, a movie centering on his original Austrian fashion design character.

the Bruno movie poster

With sometimes outrageous outfits and suggestive poses, Bruno has been making the rounds to promote the new movie, showing up at media conferences, premiers, and even at airports to create some buzz about the feature film. The effort seems to be working rather well, as everyone from regular moviegoers to actual fashion designers themselves are sounding off on their opinions and apprehensions about the larger-than-life fashion character. With a release of July 10th in many parts of the world, the movie has been racking up the box office bucks, and the verdict isn't entirely in on how the film will impact the fashion industry, if at all. But that doesn't mean it can't serve as a little inspiration. The Bruno character has been spotted with various pieces of costume jewellery, even on the film's main poster. We've taken a look at our catalogue with fresh eyes, scoping out a selection of pieces that Bruno himself would be proud to wear. Here are his picks:

leather wristband men's costume jewellery
Bruno clearly has an appreciation for the masculine yet chic quality of leather wristbands. With supple grain, a classic feel, and even that distinctive, pleasant leather scent, our wristbands beautifully show that trendy jewelry can also be affordable jewelry. We offer a variety of styles stamped and embellished with designs to suit any taste. A subtle statement in a great and durable material, leather wristbands are sure to garner Bruno's enthusiastic thumbs up.

black and silver enamel cross pendant
Also among top Bruno jewelry gifts is our black and silver men's Celtic cross pendant, a beautiful specimen of finely-worked silver and rich black enamel. Set in a classic shield shape, this pendant portrays faith, strength, and style, while remaining wonderfully inexpensive and easy to wear with just about any outfit. The necklace comes on a basic ball and links chain for effortless clasping and removal. We can see this piece pairing with one of Bruno's fashion-forward vests already.

macrame fashion belt

Macrame is sure to find a soft spot in Bruno's fashion finesse, with its traditional appeal yet modern complexity. Our multicolored leather macrame men's fashion belt is a dream of an accessory, able to highlight nearly any pair of pants with an intricate appeal that belies a great fashion sense. While Bruno is probably a little too busy at the moment to verify our special picks in person, we bet he'd wholeheartedly applaud these modern men's costume jewellery pieces.

Bruno shows off his wrist costume jewellery

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Weekly Prize Winners Announcement

Our weekly prize winners are in! Those contacted by email and appearing on this list can simply respond to our mail with the costume jewellery item of their choice, picked straight from our attractive and exciting prize section.

Congratulations to:
Taslima Limbada
Katarzyna Niemiec
Megan Herbulations
Sulikifuli Ogunbiyi Limelight
Javed Selections
Glenda Milliemoo
Maria West

Best of luck to our veteran jewellery customers and new entrants this week.