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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Men's Half Moon Necklace Laces Up with Luster

Though men's fashion is a major worldwide industry featuring several notable designers and a long and rich history of inspiration and innovation, men's jewellery has not always been as open to exploration. As a result, some men find it difficult to locate quality, attractive jewellery pieces that are both representative of their personalities and exude a sense of masculine style. Gems and special baubles for royalty have always been around, but such pieces are often too gaudy, not to mention too expensive, for fun and casual wear; to add a it of flair to both business and casual outfits, men can rely on the handsome lines and affordable jewelry rates offered by the very best collections of costume jewelry. At Janeo, we're dedicated to providing an ample and distinguished men's jewelry section, able to suit just about any taste and reflect a number of fun materials and looks. We also aim to spring for the interesting and unconventional, and our men's half-moon stainless steel and rubber necklace is a prime example.

Men's crescent moon necklace

An excellent choice for any jewelry lover with a silver allergy, this necklace is crafted in premium stainless steel for a smooth, gleaming, and rich-toned finish. A substantial, stylized crescent moon shape shows off the polish of the metal, giving off a mystical quality with its beautiful lines and hollow center. The pendant is accentuated by a criss-cross of thin black rubber cord, creating an appealing contrast in design and material that adds a subtle abstract nuance to the piece. This choice men's costume jewelry necklace comes with a ball-and-links chain in stainless steel, with an easy-open ball fastener.
The necklace is a great choice in jewelry gifts and can take on a number of special meanings, whether spiritual, personal, or motivational. The half moon presents a sense of nature, recalling the serene beauty of the night sky, the swift and silent movement of clouds, and the steady, ever-present undulation of the tides. An important symbol in a number of cultures and philosophies, the half moon connotes a spirit in touch with the unseen world, and in tune with the environment. Racing through this calm and icy artistic landscape, the bold rubber evokes a sense of depth and substance, its deep matte black providing an extraordinary counterpart to the sheen of the surrounding steel. The rubber's original yet solid direction and sense of purpose within the piece lend a unique quality to the necklace, creating artistic tension while providing the opportunity for harmony.
A poem for the modern male's jewellery wardrobe, this stainless steel necklace is an exemplary piece of men's costume jewelry that is sure to accentuate stylish attire. Fashionable, funky, and yet refined for a variety of occasions, the necklace is a celebration of men's jewelry design.

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