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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Top Japanese Model Eyes Global Challenge

Being Japan's top model is a pretty big deal. Though the islands that compose the nation may be small in comparison to the lands of other fashion capitals, Japan represents one of the strongest consumer markets in the world, and the ability to sway a purchase choice with the wink of an eye or simply with a signature brings with it a great deal of fame, prestige, and power. This power is what Yuri Ebihara, the nation's first and foremost supermodel, is after in her bid to join the ranks of Giselle Bunchen, Kate Moss, and others who represent the world of fashion in the Western Hemisphere.

Ebi-chan and her burger

To those familiar with the modeling industry, Ebihara's 29 years may seem substantial, yet her glowing, youthful appearance belies a spirit that hasn't lost its childlike wonder. Though short in stature, the model expertly portrays the modern ideals of Japanese beauty, from her graceful gait to her disarming smile and twinkling-bright eyes. Found in Japan associated with a multitude of products –even including a McDonald's burger named after her--, “Ebi-chan,” as she is affectionately called, is a common sight in Tokyo and most other major Japanese cities.
Citing her familiarity with the Japanese fashion scene and her desire to branch out and work with bigger and broader things, Ebihara hopes to gain a similar popularity in New York, Milan, and other major fashion hubs traditionally unused to major Japanese talent. Ebihara's fresh look and charming spunk would be a welcome addition to any catwalk, in our measured opinion, but the model might get a helping hand from choosing fashion accessories that bridge Asian and Western aesthetic influences. Ever charitable, we've devised a couple of quick recommendations for Ebi-chan, as well as for any woman who wants to get into the Pacific fusion look this summer.

blue georgette costume jewellery necklace
Our delectable glass beaded necklace goes under cover with a light blue georgette fabric wrapping, beautifully showing off shape while adding interest and cute-appeal with this fun yet elegant fabric. An ample tie of the same material and plenty of length makes the costume jewellery necklace easy to wear with just about any outfit, and the satisfying weight yet soft fabric feel makes it perfect for wearing something that looks great while staying as comfortable as possible. Recalling Japanese funky fashion as well as ceramic traditions, this glass bead necklace jewellery is the perfect piece for making a worldwide fashion entrance.

cream and clear flower corsage brooch pin
Great for adding a little bit of charm without a lot of fuss, this clear corsage flower with rich butter-toned petals and white and black contrast backing is a beautiful accessory for a sweater or shirt, or can even be word as a bag charm. With an oversized Swarovski crystal working its multifaceted magic in the center, this corsage can multiply Ebi-chan's sparkle power while playing off the floral dispositions of Japanese and global style.

With these cross-cultural costume jewellery pieces, Ebihara and fashion boundary-blurring mavens everywhere can get a little luxurious without spending a lot.

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