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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Polly Want a (Really Fashionable) Cracker?

One of our favorite trends in costume jewelleryjewelry and fashion accessories that has been popping up everywhere from couture magazines to the streets of the world's most style-conscious cities is the bag charm. Purses, totes, carry-alls, clutches...there's a world of design and detail for handbags out there, but we're rarely if ever able to customize our bags with something that makes a statement about our individual personality or taste. That is, until the bag charm came along. Thousands upon thousands of styles are on the market, from the simple and chic to the absolutely outrageous, in materials that span the metals, minerals, and specialty textiles. Here at Janeo we've built up an impressive collection of bag charms, and one of our favorite categories is comprised of pieces that take on all the appeal of the bag charm while adding an incredible versatility. Our combination bag charms, key rings, and chain necklaces let you decide if you'd like to string your charm around your handbag, as a colorful anchor for your keys, or as an exciting jewelry piece for the neck. And it's hard to beat our special, limited edition parrot bag charm when it comes to pairing versatility with fun.

parrot crystal key ring

Starting with a base of cotton-candy pink enamel, the parrot exudes the beauty and colorful burst of the tropics, suggesting the hot rhythms of jungle dances and tall cocktails with bits of exotic fruits and tiny umbrellas skirting the rim. The parrot's body is encrusted with tiny round clear Swarovski crystals, creating a complex and eye-catching sparkle that adds an overall feeling of whimsy to the piece. The parrot's pretty wing is a cascade of vivid colors in enamel, from deep ruby red to ocean blue, emerald green to an appealing lemon-lime at the very tip. The stylized wing is sure to send your fashion sense aflutter and bring out your inner songbird. The perfect finishing touches are all present, with a cute, pointed golden beak, an inquisitive eye, and a darling little leg perched on a silver stick.
Measuring five and a half by two centimeters, the costume jewellery parrot is just the right size for wearing around the neck as a neck chain or dangling from a bag or keyring. Far from being your average pirate's feathered henchman, this sweet parrot is all about brilliance and the sheer enjoyment of showing your true colors. The piece makes a superb conversation starter and is a favorite jewellery accessory for outdoor excursions from travel to beach trips to casual shopping jaunts on the boardwalk. If you've been looking for something different yet delightful to add to your costume jewelry collection, this is just the item for you.

another view of our crystal parrot bag charm

For use as a bag charm, the parrot comes with a standard keyring with a lobster clasp. A thirty-five centimeter silver-toned chain is included for wearing as a necklace. This extraordinary Swarovski crystal costume jewelry piece is a limited stock item; take advantage of its great style and accessible price before it's extinct!

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