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Saturday, 18 July 2009

An Often Overlooked Accessory: Nail Bling

It seems that as fashion marches its way triumphantly into the twenty-first century, there's not much that hasn't been accessorised. We have decorative belts and belt buckles, charms for everything from our purses to our cell phones, special boot anklets, temporary tattoos, and all manner of hair accessories. And these, of course, just cover the outlying areas, after we've already covered the staple accessories themselves, such as costume jewelry, hats, bags, and scarves. Yet while this list might seem fairly exhaustive, it does leave some items behind in the wide world of accessories. One such item that's been getting a lot of attention lately is the ever-versatile nail. No, we're not about to suggest that you hammer some metal into your stilettos to give them an edgier look. We're talking about that prettiest of natural accessory features, the finger nail. They've been painted and polished in myriad ways throughout the years, but modern fashion is lending its particular nuances to this under-appreciated accessories realm.
One of the basics of any good nail accessory scheme is keeping things neat and clean. While it can be tempting to start out with what you've got and begin the paint-a-thon, there are a lot of aesthetic issues to deal with for most nails that aren't used to receiving the special treatment. Most nail nuts recommend getting regular manicures, but you can easily take a few steps to prep at home. Trim your nails often and evenly; go ahead and get a nice clipper that lets you attack at all the right angles. While super-long nails have been in style in past decades, there's not much good coming out of the statement now, unless perhaps you're looking for an 80's vintage feel. Enjoy a nice soak and get to work on those cuticles, making a nice and even canvas for the accessorising art to come.
Once you've prepped your nails for their powerful new look, you can head out to a professional or have a friend get creative with your tips. Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can experiment on yourself until you find something that's just right. So what are the celebs sporting on their nails these days? A great variety of fashions are being flaunted on the world's most watched fingers. Some people, like singer and actress Beyonce, are all about getting their accessory out there with a big statement; the star was recently spotted with monochrome nails that featured husband Jay-z's name and a tiny photograph of him in a baseball cap on the thumbnail.
Other fashionistas are amping up the accessory voltage with Swarovski crystal embellishments and other accents that really get the camera's attention. Still others, like pop starlet Rihanna, let the color and execution of the paint job speak out loud, with bright, eclectic polishes that are both fun and funky. Whatever your personal accessories style, you're sure to find a great way to get your nails in on the action.
Rihanna sports bright nails

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