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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bollywood Stars Light Up the Fashion World with Sparkling Style

The Indian film industry, which has been steadily gaining worldwide recognition after conquering entertainment fans in its own country for decades, has been lighting up the screen in India and around the world with new releases lately, adding further testament to the talent and sheer effort that go into popular Bollywood films. Over the past few seasons, the romance stories, action-packed thrillers, and big dance and musical pieces have delighted audiences, sparking extra interest from international film lovers as well as those looking for something a little different than the Hollywood flicks that parade their way through the summer blockbuster list in much of the Western world. There have been grandiose openings and special screenings, and many other events at which fans were able to get a glimpse of the stars and technical talents that have gone into producing Bollywood's latest crop of movies. The International Indian Film Academy Weekend, however, recently held in the bustling city of Macau, is one of the biggest events of the year, and calls for something a little special in terms of bringing the pomp of India's silver screen to the entrances, ceremonies, and parties surrounding the show.
This year, the special weekend didn't disappoint. While some awards ceremonies and other red-carpet events have visibly suffered from the global economic downturn, leading to subdued tones or a departure from flamboyant or ostentatious outerwear, the stars at the International Indian Film Academy Weekend came out in their Bollywood best, with some incredible fashion designs and jewellery items that have had reporters and gossip mavens babbling ever since. Strolling down the entryway to the event's prime location amidst a sea of fans and picture-takers, stars and crew caused cheers and accolades amid the industry's most enthusiastic supporters. In particular, Bollywood mega-star Amrita Rao captured the attention of many cameras with her simple black strapless gown, offset by some of the most eye-popping diamond jewelry we've seen in a while. Her luxurious diamond bib necklace, an intricately designed piece whose delicacy was nearly consumed whole by the size and sparkle of the stones, was a major hit, as were her matching chandelier earrings.
Many leading fashion brands were represented as stars made their entrances, from women's designs to the latest offerings from men's collections. Hoping, perhaps, to absorb a little bit of the spotlight from the film industry itself, Indian fashion took full advantage of the setting of the International Indian Film Academy Weekend, robing big screen names in their most precious outfits. From specialty gown designers to costume jewelry makers, accessories houses to up and coming shoe brands, the whole of the fashion industry was well-represented. The weekend has finished and the stars have likely slipped into more comfortable, if still quite stylish, duds, but the event has given Indian entertainment and fashion a welcome boost, especially during a difficult period that has seen fashion houses in some places close their doors.

Amrita Rao in a file photo

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