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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lindsay Lohan and the Case of the Missing Jewels

Lindsay Lohan receives a fair share of media atention, following everything from her lukewarm careers in acting and music production to her more successful endeavors as a focus for gossip rags and incredulous onlookers wondering what Hollywood has gotten itself into. There have ben plenty of scandals surrounding the young starlet's social and personal lives, from bouts with overdrinking to questionable slips of etiquette and public dress. Recently, Lohan has cropped up in media snippets for an unlikely event that happened during a photo shoot with which she was involved for Elle UK, a women's magazine planning to feature a piece about the celebrity.
It's hardly a secret that valuable jewellery is loaned to stars for special appearances, but the stunning price tag on the pieces Lohan wore to the shoot --over $400,000-- seems incredible by any standards. Apparently, it was too incredible an opportunity to pass up for whoever ended up snatching the jewels, because snatched is exactly what they were. Sometime between the moment Lohan removed the jewels and the official report two days later, the items were stolen, and have yet to be found or returned to their rightful owner. That rightful owner, by the way, is Dior, which was kind enough to hand over a necklace and pair of earrings doubtless rich in eye-popping gems for the shoot.
While Lohan's reputation isn't exactly flawless, it doesn't necessarily indicate that she is prone to theft. And indeed, the magazine has released a statement insisting that the star is not specifically being implicated in the lifting of the jewelry. Nevertheless, she may find herself asked to an interview with the Scotland Yard, which has taken on the case and likely has an impressive amount of work piling up in the days and weeks ahead; after all, the photo shoot was packed with people from makeup artists to photographers, assistants, and other staple positions that work towards the creation of a successful shoot.
Having haute designer gems make a special guest appearance for the camera may be standard practice, but we wonder if events like these will lead the industry to consider taking on the trend of using costume jewellery instead. Still able to impart the glow and glamour of faceted jewels, costume jewelry can impress and inspire the eyes with a much smaller degree of cost, helping to mitigate the risks of theft, not to mention deterioration and other damage. Whether a style session calls for big rocks with lots of depth and interest or a complex combination of smaller stones studded across a unique landscape of metal, costume pieces can get the job done beautifully and keep worry and loss of wealth out of the equation.
Speculation on Lohan's involvement in the heist is varied, but while the folks at Scotland Yard toil over this particularly glamorous whodunnit, it's clear we'll be seeing a lot more Lohan in the daily dump of celebrity news.

Lindsay Lohan in chandelier earrings

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