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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dubai Opens its Doors to Fashion with New District

To travelers, socialites, businessmen, and luxury mavens the world over, Dubai represents a rich land of opportunity, forming a crown jewel in the Arabian diadem of beauty and intrigue. A sparkling city tucked into the warmth and light of the desert sands, Dubai is world renowned for its extravagant resorts, extraordinary dining, and its fast-growing reputation for being one of the greatest business hubs in the world. But the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has set its sights high and shows no sign of growing complacent with the city's global status. Quite the opposite; the authority, which has a billion dollar budget at its disposal, is intent on propelling Dubai to truly impressive heights. The latest idea to be presented on this theme is the creation of a special district within the city, which would be specially dedicated to many different aspects of the arts and entertainment. Of course, they've managed to fit fashion, jewellery, and shopping in there, too.
In an effort to jump-start the appeal and popularity of the district, the group is pushing to change legislation in order to allow international artists and designers to live and work in Dubai with special privileges. In addition to the possibility of changes in visa and naturalization laws, the district will open up the availability of affordable housing for artists and creative types nearby, encouraging local participation and a swath of cultural color. The project takes after the idea of the Spitalfiels in London, where open air markets, galleries, and boutiques serve as a haven for the city's creative set, as well as many of its shoppers.
The district will focus on several key areas of art; traditional applications will have a new home in the construction of a grand museum to house not a permanent collection but a series of traveling exhibits to allow for interaction with the great museums and galleries of the world. The district will also take inspiration from high-end design, in a number of mediums we anticipate will stretch from furniture and architecture to more conceptual pieces and theory. Part of this penchant for design will undoubtedly find itself brought to fruition through fashion, and will help imbue Dubai with the international fashion hub status it has been courting for some time.
The desert environment, especially within the context of the mysterious and exotic Arabian peninsula, traditionally calls to mind vast riches studded with big and bright gems; depictions of sultans and popular tales of the Arabian elite are steeped in enthusiastic descriptions of some of the boldest jewels in the world. We can't wait to see how local and international jewelry designers interpret the Dubai jewelry culture, but we have the inescapable feeling that no matter the precise form or vision the pieces take, the extravagance and full-bodied nature of costume jewelry will find itself snug among the results.

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