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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Big Gems Steal the Show on Tony's Red Carpet

You might've thought that with the passing of Cannes and the official beginning of summer, the season of red-carpet affairs was over, allowing you to pry your eyes off of the glitz of the entertainment world's most memorable nights in fashion. But you won't break free so easily; the Tony awards are due their rightful place in the red carpet spotlight, and Sunday evening's star-studded procession proved itself worthy of a few more hours spent gawking at the tastes and trends of the elite of showbiz. The Tony awards are blessedly distinguished by a reputation for managing to encourage more artsy and dramatic dresses, and the sting of the global crisis seems to have missed the hemlines and frills of this year's event. There was plenty of extravaganza, lots of bold color, interesting textures, and, as we'd hoped to see, a great representation of the show-stopping power of big jewels and fanciful ornaments thanks to a pronounced presence of costume jewellery.

Allison Janney's purple dress at the Tony awards

Allison Janney, who has put in her fair share of hours in the play 9 to 5, showed up in this stunning royal purple gown, and her big grin belied the sense that she knows just how knockout-great it looked on her. A pleated corset front culminating in a soft sweep and rich, substantial train made for an eye-catching vision in a color we typically don't see enough of in red carpet fashion. Janney accessorized the dress with some funky, chunky golden earrings, matching a set of gleaming golden bangles, and we spotted a fruity purple costume jewelry ring looking as sweet as a Jolly Roger, too.

Jane Fonda in subtle style at the Tony awards

Fans of legendary actress Jane Fonda praised her sleek and subtly sexy silhouette, created by a flattering black floor-length affair with half sleeves and a neckline plunging about as low as necklines go. Fonda pulled it off tastefully, and proved that not all elegant –or exotic-- looks need be swathed in busy prints or finished in complicated cuts. The actress' fashion attitude burned its brightest, however, in her enormous jeweled belt buckle, which bore a lovely dark and polished oval cabochon against a backdrop of delicious golden scroll work.

Costume jewellery was also invited along to the Tony awards via a seemingly occult preoccupation with crystal chandelier earrings. We noted celebs like Anne Hathaway sporting sparkling pairs of earrings dripping with sparkle and imparting a high-voltage glow. It may be a while before another red carpet occasion lets us take in all the costume jewelry and couture, but with its full-bodied success, we think the Tony awards might help keep us tied over 'till then.

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