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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Treasure Trove for Your Favorite Finger

Rings can convey a lot of different things depending on when and how they're given and by whom, as well as how they're worn and matched with a jewelry wardrobe. Many rings enjoy a special status as "occasion" pieces, coming out only for big nights and events, while a good deal are forever tied to the traditions of engagement and marriage. But there's another set that we suspect gets to have all the fun: cocktail rings. Costume jewellery and cocktail rings are instant and classic best buddies, dedicated as they are to fun and affordable designs that catch attention and please the visual palate without taking on any pretentious aires. Cocktail rings are a great match for a number of venues and styles, season-less and ready for just about anything. It's this carefree wearability and universal appeal that make cocktail rings such an essential part of the modern jewelry collection. We've seen many a cocktail ring over the years, and some of our favorites are those that incorporate the sparkle and shine of Swarovski crystals. This Swarovski cocktail ring, decked with glittering jewels in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors, is a beautiful and well-crafted example of the great looks cocktail rings can offer.

Set in antique-look copper that bestows a subtly glowing backdrop of warmth and texture, the ring features a multitude of focal points to catch the eye and play with style and form. The many-faceted Swarovskis featured in the ring are exemplary of Janeo's sparkle-centric collection, and light up the piece with cuts and colors that are truly extraordinary. The ring has as its centerpiece a deliciously large oval shaped crystal, cut with unique angles to create a stone that's constantly on the move with glimmer and depth. The pale pink stone offers a strong, yet sweet and playful base for the dance of crystals that surround it.

Circumnavigating the giant pink stone at the center, a row of Swarovskis that would make any rainbow proud show off their sparkle power in a series of unique formations. Triangles of tiny, hot-pink crystals play off of diamond shapes studded with rose and bright red stones. Substantial crystals in canary yellow, smoky gray, and subtle lilac swirl between these fanciful clusters, tying the design together with creativity. This ring is a Janeo designer exclusive, and is a great catch for your favorite finger, whether it's on the hand of a loved one or it's one of your own. The piece measures three and a half by three centimeters and is presented in a fully adjustable free size. Like many of our pieces, the ring comes supplied in a handsome box complete with gift-wrap, and is sure to light up the eyes and the hand of the recipient. It may not symbolize a marriage vow or steal the show at a diamond convention, but this ring has the looks and the price tag to make great waves anywhere a little bit of style's needed.

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