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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Set for All Seasons

A favorite element of costume jewellery is the limitless mixing options for styles, colors, materials, and moods; an ample collection allows a jewellery lover to play with design ideas and put together an endless wardrobe of pretty possibilities. But costume jewellery can pull off fantastic looks in pre-coordinated sets, as well. With a few key elements that echo each other in all the right ways offset with unique aspects that serve to define a theme, costume jewellery sets are a great way to accentuate an outfit keep everything elegantly tied together. We have quite a few sets at Janeo, ranging from the simple to the extravagant, monotone to many-colored, subtle to very bold. Some are great for weddings and other special events, but a few we feature are perfect for year-round wear, and work wonderfully with a variety of fashions. This earring, necklace, and bracelet set in silver-toned rhodium and purple crystal exemplifies the seasonless sensation of our favorite sets, and is ready to find a place of honor among your baubles.

silver and purple jewelry set

This set has several things going for it; a pleasing mix of color, texture, substance, and shine interact between the three pieces and create a sense of artistry, all while remaining understated. The necklace features an interesting pendant which floats on an ample, 26 centimeter flat chain. The pendant is comprised of a carved silver-toned disk, with an appealing surface and formation that suggests the unique look and feel of hand-crafted workmanship. The disk is studded with rich purple Swarovski crystals around its edge, adding color and sparkle to the object, along with an attaching loop the features a single row of the glitzy stones.

Playing off of the pendant's structure, the bracelet in this set features a delicate cross-hatched weave design within a sturdier framework of color-coordinated rhinestone chain. Suggesting substance and weight with the cuff-like composition yet bringing an ethereal airiness to the set with the openwork mesh of the design, the bracelet is a captivating study in harmony and contrast that both draws and pleases the eye. The 14.5 centimeter length, supported by a 6 centimeter extension chain, makes for a comfortable fit for a wide variety of wrists. The earrings in this set bring out the color and shine, creating an overall sense of elegance and delicate beauty. In a classic chandelier shape, Swarovski crystals in dark and light purple play hopscotch with each other as the fall from the base, ending in dangling crystal finials. Picking up even the slightest of movements to show off the famously plentiful facets of the stones, the earrings create immediate visual interest while setting the stage for the stones in the necklace and bracelet.

basketweave bracelet

With its many interactions between elements and universally flattering colors, this set is a superb choice for nearly any occasion, from a night at the opera to a simple afternoon picnic. It's a versatility that only costume jewelry can provide, and it's at its best in this collection of pieces.

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