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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Simple Statements: A Keyring with Class

When most people think about costume jewelry, the first things that come to mind usually involve lots of sparkle, glamour, and color. Big stones, many-faceted jewels, and glittering metals dance through the mind, coalescing in bright varieties of clustered beauty to lay and strand and snap on here and there. But not all costume jewelry must be quite so forward and glitzy. Though we're normally at least a little loathe to leave the realm of all that shines and pops with color, we can spare the occasional moment for the kind of costume jewelry that doesn't have to steal the show.
Leather goods have been a hot commodity for centuries; one of the world's most prized and perfected mediums, leather accessories have come quite a long way since the days of tanned-hide bags and straps. One of the nicest things about quality leather goods is the material's ability to break through the realm of the visually pleasing and into the world of the tactile. A well-worked piece of leather imparts a smooth yet sturdy feel, with a satisfying weight and temperature that's instantly recognizable. That essential feel is at the heart of Janeo's fine leather key rings, and serves as the foundation for the enjoyment to be experienced with these pieces.

men's celtic leather key ring

This scrolling heart design is a perennial favorite. The thick and ample buffalo leather piece is embossed with an antiqued pattern that evokes the swirling lines and whimsical artistry of Celtic decorations. A geometrical masterpiece, the design is unique in its unisex appeal; the pattern is equally suited for women's and men's fashion accessories. The key ring is sure to be a welcome and warm gift for someone special, and its specific utility allows it to be seen and felt from time to time each day, reminding the recipient of the gift-giver's sentiment.
Stitched around the borders in a lightly contrasting, warm-hued thread, the leather keyring is finished off with two subtle beaded tassles in natural cord, echoing the lightly beaded ornament at the base of the attached metal ring. Sturdy and stylish, this piece can be trusted to last for generations, and can truly take a beating, making it perfect for everyday use. Unlike many modern key rings that seem to only add to the clutter of a collection, this piece is an unobtrusive six by four centimeters, just the right size for providing a pleasant grip and fashionable flourish while still slipping easily into a pocket or purse.
This embossed leather keyring is a seasonless hit and brings out the beauty of natural hide. A celebration of humanity's timeless exploration of accessorizing and embellishing, the ring is an essential staple of any serious costume jewellery collection. With a nice selection of other designs available in the same theme, there's a ring for every sensibility and style to be enjoyed for a lifetime in quality leather.

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