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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swirling Sensation

Sometimes it seems that the old standards always get the spotlight. In the world of jewelry and accessories, focus lies heavily on the kinds of pieces brought to mind when one envisions strolling through a Tiffany's outlet or beholding the glitter and glitz on head and hands of a glamorous woman. But jewelry has a long and rich tradition of traveling to other parts of the body, as well. From anklets to ornate body chains recalling the mystique and fashion of the Near East, to adhesive gems and toe rings, jewelry knows its way around the human form in more ways than which we normally give it credit. Seemingly even more left waiting in the wings for a chance to shine is the belt buckle. An utterly adorn-able fashion item, the belt buckle tends to stand out in the minds of the general public as something conferred to rodeo stars or heavyweight champions when dolled up. Yet the belt buckle has a story to tell about the way in which women's fashion can be highlighted, punctuated, and complemented with a small, structural big of pizazz.
The belt buckle as a fashion piece is confronted by the same challenges as faced by more common items such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Namely, it must convey its message within a very limited space, and make itself noticeable without overpowering the onlooking eye. Of course, the belt buckle has a bit more area to work with, and tends to have a uniform, flat surface, allowing for many artistic opportunities that other jewellery pieces lack. Belt buckles range from the plain and modest to the truly ostentatious, with every shade of statement in between. And though we have a few favorites on either end of the spectrum, our love affair with belt buckles is centered squarely in their marriage with Swarovski crystals. The glittering facets and clean, vivid colors of these stones along with their versatile size allows for range of designs that add the perfect touch of glamour to a whole host of outfits.

This sparkling, swirling belt buckle pushes all our crystal-loving buttons with its incorporation of both clear and dark champagne stones. Set on an absolutely gleaming background of coppery gold, the stones play with form and line as the clear crystals develop a double row of ornate swirls, and their darker counterparts bedeck the backdrop. The buckle is a limited edition piece and is exclusive to Janeo, and we couldn't be more proud of it as a standard for the quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and great looks of our stock.

The buckle measures an ample eight by five and a half centimeters, providing the perfect focal point for slacks and skirts of a number of styles, as well as for belted dresses. While it can be incorporated into your own design or a different belt, the buckle comes from Janeo complete with a long, three and a half centimeter wide black belt with several size adjustment features. Let your waistline speak with this magnificent belt buckle, but beware, your neck might get a little jealous.

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