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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Brilliant Turquoise Brings out Spring Fashion

There are few colors as idyllic and peaceful as blue. Able to span from the tones of high and sunny skies to the dark and broody hues of royal vestments, decorating the robin's egg and subtly diffusing the icy white of snow, blue is an incredibly versatile color. With its power to make a bold or sweet statement for nearly every look and color palette, blue is a favorite color for fashion, though all too often it is confined in the simple format of denim jeans. Of course, colors are welcome in accessories too, and can make the keeping of a basic modern wardrobe easier, incorporating seasonal flares of light and shade wherever it's most needed.
Spring is perhaps the most jubilant season for fresh new colors, reflecting vibrancy in its plethora of florals and in the jubilant sounds of birdsong. It is in this environment where a very special shade of blue lives out its beauty in highest style. Turquoise is a classic blue evocative of tropical waters and serene skies, and indeed of many wonderful and fascinating facets of nature. A stone much beloved by cultures around the world, including many Native American tribes, turquoise has been prized for centuries for its ability to stand out and shine, drawing the eye with a pleasing spectrum of shades.

Janeo's turquoise necklace is a stunning masterpiece, capturing the versatility and beauty as well as the fun of turquoise. Neatly yet freely structured against an antiqued copper chain, scores of turquoise beads in shapes ranging from round to emerald cut create a bold vision that's perfect for draping around the neck of a loved one --or yourself. Starting at the collarbone, a choker-like design gradates from a thin to a wide band, alternating various shapes of beads within a matrix of smaller, dainty seed beads. These lovely stones culminate in a central flower, comprised of delicately pointed oval beads with a substantial round stone in the very middle.
It is beneath this pretty yet powerful flower that the necklace's serene grace is brought to life. A cascade of tiny turquoise beads dance from a central anchor, graduating from short to long strands at the center. These seemingly liquid drops of blue and copper shimmer in the light and slightly move about as the necklace is worn, creating a captivating focal point that accentuates the d├ęcolletage. These elements combine and contrast to create a simply wonderful necklace.
Perfect for draping against both flowing and whimsical silhouettes, this necklace is the long-lost bedfellow of airy Spring dresses as well as more elegant evening gowns. But the chameleon nature of turquoise allows it to go just as well with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, making a bold yet casual statement. Bringing out the very best of the season, this turquoise necklace showcases what costume jewelry can do with classic stones and colors, as well as with affordability.

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