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Friday, 3 April 2009

Britney Spears' “Circus” Tour Sparkles with Glitzy Costumes, Jewels

Fans and critics of tenured pop star Britney Spears are familiar with her on-stage fashion sense; for going on a decade, the singer has donned outfits ranging from the sweet and simple to the edgy and dangerous. Her current hit tour, “Circus,” calls for something a bit more adventurous, however, owing to the album's theme as well as the atmosphere of the music. The staged eye-candy throughout the show has begun to attract considerable acclaim, dazzling fans with bold and bright looks while bringing a much-needed splash of color and novelty to the sometimes gray and grim landscape of the current American spirit.
International mega-music news outlet MTV caught up with fans outside a recent “Circus” performance in Pittsburgh, and found that the vast majority of concert-goers were aglow with praise for the entertainment. Leaving nothing to the imagination nor toning down the pizazz at any point, the show is summed up simply as a spectacle from start to finish by those who are overjoyed simply to see the diva do her thing. Spears' set lists have been favorably reviewed, incorporating hits of her new album as well as appreciably aged pieces to bring back memories for fans. But the music is really brought out by what is fast becoming the tour's secret weapon: its fashion.

As Spring unfolds and music fans prepare for more whimsical wear, inspiration abounds at the “Circus” tour. Staying true to the theme, the singer prowls the stage in a variety of impressive and eye-popping costumes, from sexy-stockinged ringleader to fancy-free burlesque dancer and back. Incorporating eye-catching components like busked corsets, tassled pasties, and flamboyant feather boas, the getup gives the performance a truly spectacular feel.

Of course, these stand-out costumes call for complimentary jewelry. Making a pretty positive case for the beauty and fun of costume jewellery, Spears' fashions include luxurious pearls, dazzling Swarovski crystals, and unique metallic pieces that play with the clothes to create something magical on stage. Drawing the eye and hinting at the excitement and intrigue to come, these pieces, hand-chosen for the show, are perfect for making a great statement, whether under the big top or out on the town.

One of the greatest things about Spears' look is how easily it can translate to a fresh take on Spring or an invigoration of a doldrums wardrobe without overdoing it or playing any tricks on your wallet. Layered necklaces in bright beads and sparkling crystals, brooches with bright stones or fascinating filigree, and bangles that circle the wrists with color and shine are all great tools for any jewelry arsenal.

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