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Friday, 13 March 2009

Paris Fashion Week Features Bold, Creative Masterpieces

There's much to be said for jewellery that plays with the daintiness of gems and their settings, resulting in fluid and lofty pieces with an ethereal feel. But not every season, nor every fashionable look, is well suited to such delicacies, and more substantial side of jewelry can weigh in with powerful “statement pieces.” If the designers working the Paris runways this week are to be given any say (and we're inclined to think they should), the time is ripe for big, bold jewelry.
With Paris Fashion Week nearing its inevitable close, fashionistas, commentators, and afficionados are abuzz with talk of the big-deal bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings that have accompanied models down the catwalk. In the midst of worldwide economic woes, calls for subdued adornments may have threatened to make this year's event a bit less bright, but visionaries from Alexander McQueen and Galliano to Lanvin came through for jewelry lovers with substantial ornaments that reach back to the roots of our attraction to jewelry itself.

Absent ostentatiously expensive or rare gems, the pieces were dominated by a sense of size and structure, giving earrings a true role in framing the face, and allowing necklaces to spark the first impressions of a gown or suit. Incorporating multiple layers and materials, the jewelry making its debut for photographers and fashion-passionate attendees recalled elements of earlier trends such as charm jewelry and industrial incorporation, yet blended themes together with a smoothness and attention to shape that results in something entirely new.

Outfits have tended to restrain themselves to the classic, with futuristic and innovative edges, such as bubble-backed pea coats, sun pleats in vibrant colors, and evening gowns with a hint of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The simple yet elegant looks make ample room for large-format jewelry, calling for costume jewelry pieces that truly investigate and play with form and function. Exuding strength and character, such items seem a necessary reminder that though the times may be difficult for pocketbooks around the world, the human drive to create and communicate visually is undeterred; rather, it is invigorated.

Ethnic bead necklaces make great echoes of the eye-popping creations featured this week in Paris. With myriad materials and colors all resting on interesting and innovative structures of form, these pieces bring out the creativity of costume jewelry.

Opening up the jewellery box, and the wardrobe, to bold jewelry statements seems like a sure bet for the emerging season. With the value of costume jewelry enjoying a wide recognition, it's no wonder the runways of Paris have produced such strong pieces.

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