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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tiffany and Co's “Iridesse” Pearl Shops Are Belly-Up

It's a classic mainstay of American culture, especially for trend-hounds and the fashionista set: the classic blue Tiffany's jewelry box. In a color that evokes the timeless elegance of the company's trademark sterling silver jewelry, these boxes have held precious baubles and gifts for decades, becoming a notorious symbol of the American jewelry industry and of luxury itself. But in the face of the current economic difficulties, is the blue box on its way out?
Officially, Tiffany & Co aren't about to lock up their doors. But Iridesse, a pearls-only branch founded in 2004, announced late February that they'll be packing away the pretty earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and closing up due to disappointing sales. The chain, which was established with sixteen retail stores, featured austere interiors that attempted to highlight the glow and luminescence of the pearls. But whether shoppers simply weren't impressed or have become wary of investing in expensive fine jewelry, the effort to showcase these items has proved inadequate at best.
Some have speculated that the Chinese freshwater pearl trade, which has made less expensive pearls widely available on the modern market, is to blame for the drop in sales of fine cultured pearls. Others point simply to the inability of many to purchase such expensive accouterments during the recession. But gaze into the jewelry boxes of modern women and take a gander at any runway or fashion mag and you'll cave to the insider consensus: pearls are still hot, and they don't have to break the bank to win a place among your collection.
Costume jewellery pearls achieve warmth and brilliance without the financial pain of their precious cultured cousins. Pearls create a soothing and elegant backdrop for dazzling gems when strung together in costume jewellery necklaces:

Baroque pearls, mysterious and intriguing swirls of dark and iridescent colors in peculiar shapes hailing from the South Pacific, are a popular fine jewelry choice that may nevertheless fall victim to the problem of affordability. But never fear, costume jewelry has the baroque pearl look down pat:

For a look that really captures all the lustre of classic pearls, a mix of pearly and silk wrapped beads moving fluidly on a gold chain evokes the glow of the real thing:

Iridesse may be saying sayonara to the rigorous world of jewelry retailing, but the essential appeal of pearls is one which no economic downturn can stamp out. And so long as creative designers turn out affordable pieces that evoke all the creamy glory of these lovely pieces, no neck will have to go without.

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