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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

And So Goes the Gold

For anyone with an interest in the stock market, dealing with a little debt, or working hard to reconcile the cost of living with the rewards of working (and let's face it -- that's really everyone --), times have been a bit rough recently. From layoffs to changing interest rates, bank closings to home foreclosures, many people across the country and indeed, around the world, are facing some difficult decisions about their finances. It's not too surprising that one of the first areas hit hard by the declining economic trend is gold.
Well, that depends on how you look at it, really. Gold has recently hit an all-time high, fetching nearly a thousand dollars per ounce. That's great news for some investors, but for most people, what it means is that a jewelry box full of seldom- or never-worn gold items might help make the days ahead that much brighter. Anticipating the increasing desire to sell private gold jewelry, some companies have begun advertising appraisal services, either online or by way of traveling appraisal shows. While selling private gold to such companies can be a positive experience, it's a good idea to do your own research first. A recent report on the subject suggests that potential sellers check out the current price of gold along with knowing the karat value of their pieces and an idea of the weight.
While getting a nice chunk of cash in exchange for old gold jewellery might inspire some relief and excitement, it can be a little sorrowful as well. After all, gold is a classic and handsome choice for jewelry and complements most looks and personal styles with a touch of richness. But jewelry makers have evolved over the years along with their craft, and today are able to create very realistic gold looks, either with faux finishes or easily affordable plating.
Bangle bracelets are a classic medium for the smooth look of gold, and when they incorporate the sparkle and glamour of Swarovski crystals, make for elegant pieces suitable for stopping traffic or subtly shining around a wrist.

Rings are also happily paired with the warm glow of gold, and benefit from a bit of shopper savvy when added to a collection of costume jewellery. Either plain and understated or showcasing a bold swath of color and texture, costume jewelry gold rings are a great way to make it through the economic slump in perfect style.

Letting a bit of one's old possessions go now and then is a good idea, and a natural part of life; it can be made a bit easier by pocketing the cash value. But the accessibility and great looks of costume jewelry make the extra space something to truly cheer about.

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