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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Updates on Chris Brown Arrest and Rihanna

All the diamonds and costume jewellery worn by celebs could not shed enough shining light over the Grammys this year. The show was overshadowed by a tragic event this weekend that involved Chris Brown and Rihanna. Consequently, both stars cancelled their performances for the show.
After a Clive Davis pre-Grammy party where stars adorned the latest costume jewellery and fashion, R&B singer Chris Brown and an unidentified female had a physical altercation. According to reports the pair got into a fight in upscale Hancock Park in Los Angeles, CA.
The unidentified woman is rumored to be pop princess Rihanna. Although her publicist has issued a statement that she is doing well.
Officers from the scene state that the victim suffers “horrific injuries” which include contusions to the forehead, a busted lip, bloody nose and bite marks. Bite marks! What kind of an animal is he?
Chris Brown has been pulled from multiple endorsements including his Wrigley’s gum commercials and Got Milk campaign where he is seen jumping wearing a fedora and diamond stud earrings.
Brown currently faces a felony charge that could give him up to 9 years, but updated reports show that the Los Angeles District attorney is now involved in the case.
For the past several months Rihanna and Chris Brown were rumored to have issues with their relationship with infidelity on his part. It is really sad that things had to escalate to physical abuse.
Rihanna has become a fashion icon and is one of the most gorgeous singers in the game. She is a trendsetter that has made the darker side of fashion and costume jewellery hot. It is going to be hard to be hard to see her in this state.

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