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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Alexander McQueen for PUMA

PUMA has been revived with a burst of creativity that leans a little bit to the left. It provokes the provocative with the collaboration of Alexander McQueen and PUMA. A brand new image has been crafted that symbolizes the fusion of PUMA and this London born designer. This image is known as the ManCat, McQueen representing man and some level of humanity that we all possess while PUMA represents the animal.

McQueen and PUMA are taking on the world of sports fashion in such a new and interesting way. Instead of the use of rhinestones and costume jewellery on footwear, McQueen is inspired by the human anatomy. He concentrates on the foot as it is structured with tendons, veins, and prints. He also uses inspirations from the spine and the tooth. He even uses a cross between the feline and human tooth as the Alexander McQueen PUMA brand logo. The fused tooth is reminiscent of costume jewellery that is sleek and durable, specifically stainless steel jewellery. It reflects this costume jewellery through its lustorous, shiny texture; and the lines of the feline tooth logo have refined curves. I could see this piece hanging from a choker or the use of this material for a stainless steel bracelet, bangle, or pendant.

Above is a stainless steel bracelet from Janeo Jewels. This costume jewellery demostrates the provactive nature the Alexander McQueen PUMA collection.The links of this wide stainless steel bracelet can be removed for size.

So not only can the human body be inspiration to your wardrobe or creativity, your costume jewellery can be to. The kaleidoscope of colors that can be found with swarovski crystals can brighten up any outfit or can inspire a new lipstick color. The collection from Alexander McQueen and Puma should encourage us to get inspired!

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