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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Homme After the Holidays - Spring 2009

Dior Homme has just come out with their new sunglasses for spring 2009. Remember the 60’s when they used to sell those 3D viewer glasses. We would go to the movies and put on these ugly glasses and it would let us see the movie in 3D.

This fellow looks like he’s just had an eye operation and can’t go out in the sunlight. Or maybe he lives in the UK where there is no sunlight, who knows.

They look kinda funky though, don’t they? Like the mask of the Ole’ Lone Ranger or something like that. Fashion just seems to get weirder and weirder, an expression of our culture. Who needs these uncool sunglasses to hide behind. No eye contact, no smile… a kid surely hiding something.

The leather jacket is nice. Kind of a calm but tough look, don’t you think?

Can I be so bold as to make a suggestion? Dress this guy up a little with some jewellery.
A nice men’s costume jewellery necklace and bracelet. I mean if he’s already going to look like he’s from outer space, we may as well adorn him with some crystal balls. Soon he’ll be telling our fortunes.

Here’s an idea. A trendy men’s Necklace in Solid stainless steel from Janeo. Adjustable to fit any size neck with oval ball links. The matching stainless steel bracelet has interlocking links and sturdy steel panels which give it a Nordic type look of strength and stability. Perfect for this guy with the weird glasses.

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