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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Denmark's Christmas Guest

Denmark has a naughty little prankster called Nisse who stirs up trouble during the holidays. He lives in the lofts of old farmhouses and plays jokes on people during the holidays. If given a bowl of rice pudding he will keep the pranks within reaonable limits. But don't be fooled by the pranks that he plays on you, Nisse is very kind and helpful when it counts.

In Denmark there is a lot of focus on the children during Christmas time. Nisse himself is very good with kids and keeping them entertained during their break. Children in Denmark do not decorate the tree. Known as Juleaften, the tree is revealed after dinner time on Christmas day. It is decorated by their parent with wood and straw baubles. Under the tree you can find gifts of leather wrist bands for boys and cute little studded keychains for young girls.

Yesterday's winners are Edith Cockburn and Jane Willis.

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Do you think your country has wacky/fun Christmas traditions? Do you have an idea for presenting gifts of jewellery on Christmas Day?

Share it with us and your country or idea will be featured in the next post.

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