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Friday, 12 December 2008

An Irish Christmas

On St. Stephen’s Day, celebrated the day after Christmas, young boys travel from door to door with a wren singing songs as they beg for treats. This group of boys is called the Wren Boys Procession.

On Christmas Eve children stay with their families. At home many kids like to leave snacks for Santa. For Ireland kids, this of course, includes a bottle of Guinness and a slice of pie or Christmas cake. They also make sure to leave a light in their window. No matter by candle or electric light, this symbolizes the help you are extending to the Holy Family and other poor individuals who are forced to travel this night.

On St. Stephen's Day adorn your young men in presents of jewellery to acknowledge the blessed year that they've had. They do not have to be draped in diamonds and gold. Try modest pieces like suede wrist bands. If you have other children, don't forget about them, you'll never here the end of it. Get you little girls inexpensive costume jewellery like diamond earrrings.

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Do you think your country has wacky/fun Christmas traditions? Do you have an idea for presenting gifts of jewellery on Christmas Day?

Share it with us and your country or idea will be featured in the next post.

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