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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas Traditional Jewellery in the UK

This year people everywhere should focus on bringing joy to a child. These tips for the latest fashion trends in jewellery are to be worn any season no matter what country you are in. But since this is the season of giving, let’s focus on your country! We will highlight a specific country’s Christmas traditions and creative ways to present gifts of jewellery to a child in that country starting with England.

Christmas in England reminds me of holidays in the United States. Now I know why. England’s Christmas traditions are hundreds of years old and many holiday traditions in the US were adopted from this country. These traditions include Christmas card giving, mistletoe, and carols. However, one English tradition that distinguishes itself is the love that is still spread the day after Christmas after all the excitement ends. Known as Boxing Day, a gift of food or money is given to delivery men or sales people who keep in touch regularly during the year. Instead of money, give a gift that is a bit more meaningful like jewellery. Also extend your gift giving on Boxing Day to other people in your life. Why not give the young girl you pass every morning on the way to work a box with and antique silver bangle bracelet. A suede watch strap wristband would an unexpected gift to find inside your box, but for a young boy who is less fortunate it gives him another chance to receive a Christmas gift during the season.

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Do you think your country has unique Christmas traditions? Do you have an idea for gift giving?

Share it with us and you country or idea will be featured in the next post.

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  • At 4 December 2008 at 07:38 , Blogger sb4977 said...

    I have given my wife some jewellery each year for Christmas for the last 13 years so she can sparkle all year round.

  • At 10 December 2008 at 15:51 , Anonymous liz goud said...

    that's a very nice and noble Christmas tradition - the Boxing Day. it rightfully represents the spirit of gift-giving and generosity that comes with the season. giving worthwhile gifts to people who may not mean much to you but whom you have been encountering the whole year round for whatever reason is just very thoughtful and touching. it's also a perfect way to express our gratitude to people who have served us during the year - people whom we may have always taken for granted but who have made our lives much easier and happier. and yes, for these people, we can perhaps give boxed gifts instead rather than cash and a perfect example is jewelry. wouldn't it be nice to see that person again the next time around wearing your gift around her neck or perhaps on her wrist?


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