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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Pirates Hijack Saudi Tanker

This is not a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, were Johnny Deep plays eccentric character Captain Jack Sparrow. Who bolsters rock star attitude while clad in glass bead necklaces, diamond earrings, bracelets, and booty from his latest conquest. There is no leading lady such as the lovely Keira Knightly to heat up this scene with her insurmountable talent accompanied by period specific clothing and jewellery of crystal brooches and chandelier earrings. Saturday’s hijacking of a tanker owned by Vela International Marine of Dubai is the real life story of piracy and its upsetting implications.Reports from BBC update news on the hijacked tanker.
Tanker, Sirius Star, sits anchored off the coast of Somalia. Aboard it carries Peter French, James Grady, and other hostages, along with oil worth £67m. French hails from Durham; he is chief engineer. Grady is from Strathclyde and the second officer of the Saudi tanker named Sirius Star. Their families are going through a tumultuous time of heart ache and uncertainty. The pirates are said to have given a ten day deadline for ransom, but the British government feels that meeting demands only encourage future acts of hijackings. Officials want the international community to become a united front when it comes to taking a stance on zero negotiations with hijakers . The government has chosen a course of action. Foreign Secretary David Miliband plans to deploy European forces to the east Africa region. This seizure totals over 90 attacks of vessels off the coast this year.
For the families of hostages, it is a trying waiting game. So to those families, prayers are sent. Tomorrow as you wake and get ready for your day by dressing and sliding on your diamond bracelet, rings and necklaces take a moment to acknowledge those families and hostages aboard the Sirius Star.

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