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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

“BBC Radio 2: Implications from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross' Wednesday Show”

Pushing the envelop is a risky game. Some people do it to find their limitations within a relationship, being work or in their personal lives, while others do it as a means of innovation and creativity. Comedians are notorious for using uncomfortable, socially conscious, politically sensitive and down right sticky situations in their material. And although some comedians have been deemed brilliant and savvy when they can turn a hostile situation into pure comedy, some miss their cue. Like comedian from Seinfeld who used the n-word at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Patrons of the show and other members of the community were upset by the usage of this politically incorrect word. Comedians Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross found the limits within their relationship with the BBC. Now they watch as their careers are sacrificed by a controversial joke.
It was on BBC Radio 2 were Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made claims that Brand slept with Georgina Baillie, granddaughter of Andrew Sachs actor from Fawlty Towers. Ironically, Baillie is a dancer who performs with the troupe Satanic Sluts. Even though she dances around in almost there costumes dripping in gems and swaroviski crystals, Bailie feels that Brand and Ross should show respect. On air, the two DJs left messages on Sachs’ answering machine stating these claims.
After full offense was taken by Sachs, Baillie, and listeners; the BBC issued this statement, “BBC audiences accept that, in comedy, performers attempt to push the line of taste. However, this is not a marginal case. It is clear from the views expressed by the public that this broadcast has caused severe offense and I share that view.” Ross is currently under pending suspension for twelve weeks without pay. Brand acknowledges his misjudgment and has decided to quit his Radio 2 show. Lesley Douglass, station controller, also resigned. However, Brand and Ross have apologized to Sachs.
These are not the only repercussions the DJs will face. Jonathan Ross was selected to host the 2008 British comedy awards, but due to all of the negative publicity Ross pulled out of the show. He does not want the news to take away from the show and artist it will feature. As usual the show will go on with actors dressed in the best of diamond jewellery. Clothing by high end designers will compliment costume jewellery like crystal brooches and chandelier earrings. Once the lights are on the show will proceed as usual.
Upon the wake of this incident, the BBC will implement more stringent guidelines set for program editors. They understand the sentiments of their audience and realize that poor judgments can no longer be tolerated.

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