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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ladies of Style: Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain

The First Lady of the United States must possess certain qualities to sustain a flourishing family and nation. First, be strong and vigilant to serve as a backbone to your husband, the President. Second, possess a hunger for knowledge and a passion for humanity fed through constant study, involvement, and travel. And finally, but most importantly, possess a sense of style completely unique to oneself. Style is the one quality that reflects personality, motivation, or any feeling she wishes to portray. What do crystal brooches tell you about these women? Let’s examine the styles of Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. Do they compare to one of the White House’s most stylish residents, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis?
As the potential First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has ignored the traditional wardrobe of dull suits, she crosses the threshold into the world of fashion. With this election becoming one of the most historical, what designer would not want to see their garment draped on Michelle Obama? The fashion world has taken note of her sense of style. She has been named in Vanity Fair’s best- dressed list. A list that is coveted by actresses and models whose sole intent is to hold a spot in one of the most fashion forward magazines in the United States. It was the Maria Pinto designer dress worn on her campaign trail that began her journey as a fashion icon. The purple dress was coupled with a high-waist, black fashion belt. But it was when she wore Donna Ricco’s black and white floral dress that soccer moms everywhere took notice. The dress is so affordably priced yet stylish at $148, that they began selling fast. Michelle has mastered the art of accessorizing. At the Democratic National Convention she wore a simple mint green dress with an art deco pendant, a calming shade of green and blue, along with diamond stud earrings. Nina Garcia, former editor of Elle magazine and judge on hit television show Project Runway magazine thought she looked “stunning” and that “she knows how to dress for the right part.” Michelle Obama has been compared to Jackie O. Her style has a 50’s flair and her necklace of pearls is reminiscent of this style phenom.
Nina Garcia describes Cindy McCain as more of an Oscar de la Renta woman. She has a bold attitude translated by her style. With her blonde her, bold colors, diamonds bracelets, and pearl earrings, she makes her presence known. However, Vanity Fair has not taken to her sense of style as they have Michelle Obama. Following the Republican National Convention, Vanity Fair wrote an article estimating the cost of her outfit including the shoes and jewellery. Wearing her trademark four strand pearl necklace, diamond earrings, chanel watch, and a butterscotch yellow Oscar de la Renta shirt-dress, the estimated cost of her outfit was $300,000.
Cindy McCain is very particular when it comes to her look. She never has a hair out of place. If this is any indication to what kind of First Lady she is, she may be a promising pick to the White House or maybe not. You can count on her to remain classic, with very little fashion risk. But isn’t that what makes an icon? The risks hit or miss. Mostly, hit of course. The bigger the risks the bigger the rewards. . .


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