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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hollywood's Celebrities doing Halloween with funky jewellery

In LA anything goes. California seems to be the only state in the nation that plays by its own rules. Its citizens are eccentric, whimsical, individualistic and sometimes plain strange. And in a town full of actors, directors, writers, and musicians, the imbalance of normal and crazy must be the formula needed to remain creative. Everyone wears boots in the summer and shorts in the winter. Okay, so the weather does permit, but the nickname “La La land” is definitely fitting.
Halloween, the second largest retail holiday next to Christmas, allows Los Angeles to realign with the rest of the world. Because you see, while the rest of the world is venturing into the realm of the weird, grotesque, and all that is Halloween, Los Angeles has been in this state all year long. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that its citizens are not fashion forward. Shopping in LA is amazing. It is host to some of the best boutiques carrying men’s and women’s fashion belts, glass bead bracelets, and Swarovski crystals. However, California one-ups the rest of our states once again this Halloween through use of its celebrities. As they host parties and dress up in costumes that are just a little more outrageous than the rest of us.
Super sexy Victoria Secret angel Heidi Klum and husband Seal decided to spend their Halloween in NYC. They started the day off by strolling the streets of the Big Apple in costume. Well it least one of them. Seal wore a Barack Obama mask seemingly amusing to Heidi. Later that night, she hosted her Absolut 100 Party wearing a costume that outshined party goers everywhere. Painted in blue Heidi dressed as a witch doctor. Her head dress was bejeweled with stones matching her chandelier earrings and red eyes. She carried weapons and heads with her eight arms.
In Vegas celebrities continued the trend of being coupled up on the scariest night of the year. John Legend was there with his model girlfriend and Kim Kardashian attended the same party at PUR with NFLer Reggie Bush. Kim and Reggie dressed as 1950’s characters. She was a flapper covered in costume pearl jewellery, crystal bracelets and diamond earrings. Reggie was a 1950’s gangster, wearing 2008 canary diamond studs. I don’t think gangsters wore canary diamonds in the 1950’s. Let’s stick to the character. John Legend dressed up as a cowboy with moccasin clad girlfriend on his arm. Former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’Day, also made her way to Las Vegas to host a “Halloween Night of Seduction” at Tabu Ultra Lounge. Aubrey dressed up as Disney mermaid Ariel. Surprisingly, her costume wasn’t as revealing and slutty as her reputation. Her reputation did get her kicked out of the girl group.
So as you see, the rest of the nation does align on Halloween. The stars travel to our cities, spread their quirkiness, craziness, and creativeness and we enjoy a taste of Hollywood every Halloween.

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