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Saturday, 8 November 2008

America’s Patriotism Revived

Diane Von Furstenberg launched her latest collection in London, England on November 5th, the day after Barack Obama was announced as the United States President-Elect. Coincidently, the collection features an American patriotic theme. Colors of red, white, and blue, and stars and strips inspire its pieces. The collection reinforces the phenomenon that is occurring in the United States by its use of iconic figures and the life story of the collection’s creator.
The story of Diane Von Furstenberg parallels that of American Superhero, Wonder Woman. Furstenberg was born in Belgium and moved to the United States to become one of New York City’s premiere designers. Furstenberg has reinvented what it means to be feminine and she has pioneered the wrap dress. A garment that can transition from work to evening when paired with costume jewellery like crystal brooches or diamond chandelier earrings. The life of Wonder Woman echoes Von Furstenberg’s by her origins of a foreign birth country, power and influence on those around her. Not to mention the resemblance is striking. Both ladies have flowing dark hair, olive skin, and figures that look banging in 1970s hot pants. The use of Wonder Woman to represent a paralleled life of the designer and American patriotism is not haphazard. Wonder Woman starred in an exhibition called “Superhero: Fantasy and Fashion” at the MET in New York City. When John Galliano designed for Christian Dior he also turned to Wonder Women for his muse. Andrew Bolton curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art feels that, "When designers look to Wonder Woman there are two things they seem to refer to -- her role as Amazon woman, this strong powerful Amazonian figure -- and her as a symbol of America, a symbol of democracy.”
Barack Obama has been deemed America’s superhero by many. It is an unfair title. He should not be looked at as a figure who can save the world, but as a person who is dedicated, qualified, and who is equipped to see the United States into a prosperous new era. Von Furstenberg believes that for Barack Obama, "It's not about a superhero," Diane von Furstenberg adds that, “It's just because he's bright and he's willing to do the work. And he's young and he has energy, and that's it." Needless to say, she cast an absentee ballot for Obama while in Asia.
The timing of an American patriotic themed collection couldn’t be any better. Fashionistas everywhere can celebrate the United States and the flair of the designer with femininity and style.

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  • At 13 November 2008 at 19:50 , Anonymous Allan K said...

    Maybe Diane Von Furstenberg should add some of Janeo Jewels bracelets, earrings, bangles, brooches and men's stainless steel jewellery to her fashion jewellery collection. In that way she will truly be the super designer for America's up and coming superhero saviors.


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