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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Today's Japanese Fashion Trends

Japanese style has always been wicked. Anime art has had an influence on fashion houses as well as street trends. Lately, the trends have shifted from inspired fashion of Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, in which individuals wear mitch-matched clothing and over accessorize with stainless steel bracelets, fashion belts and art deco brooches. Today's trends, while resembling animation, inspire feminine looks of 18th century France.
In Tokyo, a group of girls is growing who dress like royalty who have escaped the Rococo era of art. The style icons for this group are figures like Paris Hilton and Marie Antoinette. So just image, young girls walking the streets of Tokyo covered in pink- pink ribbon headbands, crystal brooches and diamond earrings. These girls dress as if they are attending garden tea parties fit for a queen everyday. To find this clothing, they shop at Jesus Diamante. This is a boutique where one can easily spend $1000 on an outfit. Not only do girls of this rising group dress in frilly lace and costume jewellery, but they have the mannerisms and voice to match. Mayumi Yamamoto who is an avid shopper of Diamante speaks in a soft, bubbly voice as she talks about this new fad. Yamamoto takes it one step further, she has decorated her room in rococo style furniture of florals and imitation fabrics of that period.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the new wave of princess girls are better known as hime gyaru. So far this trend has only been executed by girls. It would be nice to see some little princes in the streets of Tokyo. They can wear fitted trouser, mens pendants, men's bangles, and maybe diamond earrings for a modern twist. Since the style seems to transition into a lifestyle for those welling to undertake the extravagance of this new trend, maybe it will bring back chivalry. It is definitely, one of the lost 18th century practices.

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