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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Valentine’s Day Blues

Ever have the blues on a day painted all red? If so, you are not the only girl or guy that has spent a Valentine’s Day or two or three alone without the presents of costume jewellery and candies along with the company of a mate. Out of all holidays, this one places the most pressure and nervousness on both sexes.

For men, they are faced with the possibility of rejection, picking out a great gift and planning an evening of romance. That’s a lot of responsibility to put in a man’s hands. Some men don’t know that you can never go wrong with costume jewellery. Because lets face it, the perception of romance does not translate the same between sexes.

For women, we are stuck between making plans with our girlfriends or not making any at all because we are waiting to be asked out. Consequently, we can end up at home because we have left ourselves too open. We know why this happens. Every year we hope this is the Valentine’s Day that runs smoothly. Were we open up our gift of gorgeous costume jewellery. It is the diamond stud earrings and the diamond necklace that you have been longing for, but most importantly it was given to from the one you love.

Let’s remedy a potential lonely situation. Today is Feb. 7th, one week from Valentine’s Day. If you are a woman who does not currently have a date, make those plans with your girls. There is no need for you to be at home on Valentine’s Day. Wear your most glamorous costume jewellery and clothes. Having a nice dinner with friends will make you forget about that guy who didn’t ask you out.

If you are a man, you should be calling your Valentine now and if you want to see what the perfect gift looks like have a look below.

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