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Friday, 13 February 2009

Groundbreaking Television

Great Britain has a new comedy airing on Channel 4 called Free Agents. The show stars Stephen Mangan who compares this witty, drama-filled show with Sex and the City. But that doesn’t mean Mangan is the new Sarah Jessica Parker.

In Sex and the City SJP is seen in labels and costume jewellery that set a wave for fashion and television. Similarities between the two shows are shared though. Both have themes that center on adult situations and like Sex and the City this show has a sex-crazed character played by Anthony Head.

Sex and the City had so many good fashion moments and each character had a trademark look. . .

Carey Bradshaw took the most fashion risks but one staple never left her everyday wardrobe. That item would be her signature Carey necklace. Although Sex and the City has been off air for years now, every girl in the US owns a gold necklace, ring or monogram costume jewellery.

Samantha Jones always wore the biggest and flashiest earrings on the block. You could catch her in swarvoski chandelier earrings and art deco inspired shapes and colors dangling from her gossip gathering ears.

Charlotte York was a very refined, upper-east side girl which meant lots of diamond earrings and pearl necklaces.

In the beginning Miranda’s character dressed in boring suits and really did not have a defined sense of style, but soon she too would succumb to fashion with bold stainless steel bangles and necklaces.

The first season of Free Agents airs on February 19, 2009.


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