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Friday, 27 February 2009

Sweet Sophistication: Jewellery Accessories for Purse and Key

It's not every day that a new trend is born, and even those that make it rarely live to see themselves pass their first or second birthday. Rarer still is the birth of an entire category of fashion accessory; in a world steeped in tradition yet fiercely competitive with many designers vying for immortality through wearable art, establishing a type of accessory can be an elusive and all the more celebratory event. Two hot costume jewellery accessory types that are showing no signs of running out of steam are the bag charm and the key ring.
Easy to wear, match, and make great style sets with, these items have been popping up from coast to coast over the past handful of years, and excel when it comes to displaying their costume jewellery roots. Bag charms make for popular gifts --whether they're intended for a loved one or slipped right back out of the box as a personal treat-- and can update any purse with a modern fashion-forward look. Slung over a strap or dangling from a zipper pull, jewelry bag charms have become almost as important as the bags themselves.

The cool greens and vibrant blues in this butterfly bag charm recall the lush flora and fauna of a tropical paradise, all dressed up in sparkling clear Swarovski crystals. Quality hardware and swirling enamel combine with the crystals to evoke your trend-setting style, and make matching options a breeze.

Looking for a little sophistication to add to your handbag? Achieve it with a silver diamante butterfly bag charm, featuring delicate and eye-catching filigree work offset by sparkling Swarovski crystals and a bedazzling central stone. Fluid and fashionable charms such as this fluttering piece can serve double-duty as a quick aesthetic pick-me up when stuck at the office or in traffic.

Of course, all this extra-curricular decoration might make your keys a bit jealous. Give them a treat they deserve with fun and funky strawberries dangling from a silver or gold chain keyring. Sweet and stylish without cluttering up your clutch of keys, this ring features picture-perfect enamel berries topped with a bit of cream and letting their message be known: “I love you!”

For a key set with classic style, smooth and swirly art deco designs make a nice subtle statement. Creamy purple tones drip with enamel shapes and jewels in this elegant keyring. After all, costume jewellery isn't always just about having fun with sparkle and saving a bunch of cash while you're at it. Well, those -are- pretty important components. But finding your personal style flourish in costume jewelery creativity is at the heart of every new devotee.

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