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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pamela Anderson “Belts” it Out at Vivienne Westwood

As marvelous and full of exciting finds and trends as the fashion industry tends to be, it is not without its potential for the occasional disaster. Whether the result of a stressful season, and ailing designer, or rapidly tightening funds (a phenomenon that seems to be hitting a little hard these days), a show can sometimes flounder from high fashion statements to the low and simply lame. Of course, it all depends on who you're talking to. Some critics are a bit more enthusiastic when it comes to laying on the skepticism, but once in a while a show will end with a flop that no one can deny. Unfortunately for famed gown designer Vivienne Westwood, this seems to have been the consensus case about her showing during the recent celebration of Paris Fashion Week.
Full of gowns that didn't quite seem fit for the season, or at least, weren't up to the cheers and accolades of her critics, Westwood's show culminated in what was, doubtless, intended to be big-deal publicity stunt. Sure, ex-Baywatch actress and occasional Playboy model Pamela Anderson is famed for having an attractive figure, but her presence on the runway seems to draw a bit more upon her fame as a highly sexual and often overexposed icon. It may have come as no surprise to viewers, then, when one of Anderson's breasts was briefly revealed when her dress came apart during her strut. Hand in hand with Westwood, Anderson took off down the catwalk in a sculptural black dress with red accents and a brown belt, no doubt feeling confident in her designer getup.

But as she approached the end of the runway, whether by accident or as an intentional call for extra attention, the bust of the dress came loose on Anderson's left side, and plenty of flesh was let loose, in full view of onlookers. While the event easily could have been seen as an embarrassment, Anderson, Westwood, and most of those present seem to have been able to take the slip-up in stride. What's more, the speculation that Anderson's less than authentic asset actually saved the show has been circulating among fashion blogs and magazines, and at any rate has been getting Westwood and her designs a healthy dose of additional scrutiny.
The life of a fashion designer may, indeed, be a lot more complicated than it seems. Perhaps Pam would have felt a bit more cozy and well-contained in more casual attire, ditching the long-sleeved gown and accessories for a fashionably laid back look. Fashion belts aren't just for the runway - plenty of timeless and attractive designs come ready-to-wear, for both men and women, whether finished in simple leather or given a special touch with Swarovski crystals or cool metallic finishes.

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