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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Crime Watch: Jewelry Thefts Up 17% for 2008

The first thing that comes to mind for sellers and owners of fine jewelry probably isn't theft. But the problem of jewellery snatching, whether by means of a complicated and well-planned heist or a simple on the spot “grab and run” scenario, has been around ever since humans began wearing sparkling gems. While the number of jewelry-related crimes has ebbed and flowed over the years, there are certain conditions which seem to influence the rate of occurrences. Unfortunately for anyone with a worrisome disposition, one of those conditions is a faltering economy.
Case in point: the Jewelers' Security Alliance, or JSA, via the Jewelers' Circular Keystone, reported its annual statistics for 2008 this week, and the results are a bit nerve-wracking. The report details an increase of 17% in the number of jewelry-related crimes for the year, as compared to those committed in 2007. While the JSA notes that this does not necessarily indicate the state of the economy as being a factor, the specific details of the report suggest otherwise. The number of impromptu jewelry thefts committed on the spot by amateurs was up 49%, a startling increase that suggests more and more people desperate for quick cash are resorting to trying their hand at gem-grabbing.
But how do these numbers break down, and what do they mean in terms of lost revenue? Well, the crimes amount to 1,505, and the three states reporting the highest number of thefts are California, Florida, and Texas (the same states with the highest number of thefts for the previous year). The total approximated loss in terms of the stolen jewelry's value? It tallies up to 103.5 million, an alarming sum even within the context of the mega-money fine jewelry industry.
While there certainly aren't any calls just yet to lock away fine jewels forever -- the vast majority of these crimes occurred in jewelry stores, not in homes or public places --, those with particularly valuable pieces might want to consider toning it down out of doors, storing precious pieces in a secure location when not worn, and getting in touch with fashion that doesn't require insurance forms with costume jewelry.
Incorporating all the classic looks of fine pieces, from pearly affairs to crystal brooches, diamond stud earrings to sterling silver bracelets and bangles, and adding its own unique, creative flair, costume jewelry is a natural choice for carefree beauty and pizazz, no matter the state of the economy. Combination sets of finely-detailed necklaces and matching earrings are one of costume jewelry's greatest fortes, creating classic looks with refined features that nevertheless, come with price tags that won't make them a net loss.

Crystal and silver-toned necklace and earring set, bedazzling with nearly 400 individual stones.

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