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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mail Surprise! Company Attempts to Bait Consumers with Promises of Jewelry

It seems that people will do just about anything for money, and this simple observation is exacerbated considerably in times of financial stress. From robberies to half-baked ideas and desperate bids for generating a bit of wealth, schemes tend to pop up around the clock and head out into the worlds of trade and finance to test the waters and see what they can sink their hooks into. While agencies like the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, exist to help consumers locate and understand less than honest agencies and corporations, as well as to provide a platform to sound off and report unethical practices, not everyone is privy to the latest goings-on. With the sheer amount of information that passes between businesses and consumers these days, it's likely that any given person will come across a few crafty scams in their lifetime, and may not even know it. Well, jewelry lovers, beware: a plan to bilk consumers out of small amounts of money over a long time in exchange for promises of undervalued jewelry has recently hatched, and is making its way around America in the hopes of collecting enough cash to make its creators filthy rich.
As the Chicago Sun-Times reported today, many people have begun to receive nondescript green postcards in their mailboxes. The postcards report that the addressee has a package waiting for them, which contains jewelry valued at $50 -- referred to as a “cultured pearl necklace” -- and that they can receive it as soon as they send off a $6.95 shipping and handling fee. While the cards may seem similar to those sometimes sent by the post office or a corporate shipping company, they're not; they're actually from a company called Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, which has racked up a lot of negative brownie points with the BBB lately. The company's methods are fairly sketchy, but there's more to the tale. The Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors' President, a Mr. Michael Connors, has been sued multiple times for his involvement in multiple companies that were found to sweet talk or swindle customers out of their hard-earned cash.
So what does the green postcard scam do, exactly? Well, if you send the “shipping and handling fee,” it certainly accepts the funds. Beyond that, it will attempt to get consumers to enroll in “special offers” and programs that charge them more small fees for other products. It's dubious that any products, including the original cultured pearl necklace, are ever actually sent, however. When times are tough and the eye catches sight of a glamorous bit of sparkle, it can be tempting to give in and go after the gold. But it usually pays to be prudent, and finding excellent and affordable costume jewellery is as easy and comfortable as hopping online.

Champagne pearl drop earrings, for instance, are an easily accessible and elegant option that won't leave you wondering where your funds went.

Pretty in purple, a Swarovski crystal brooch with a classic rose design has all the right looks and none of the nefarious trickery.

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