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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A New Season Calls for a New Necklace

The emergence of spring is one of nature's most magnificent displays; from the cold and bitterness of winter frost and white skies comes a season bursting with color and life, capable of lifting even the darkest of spirits. New flowers peek up through the earth and hint at the beautiful blossoms they'll soon become, and birdsong once again fills the fragrant morning air. It is in celebration of this spectacular season that jewelry mavens and fashionistas the world over prepare to reinvent their wardrobes, pick up a few fresh new things, and step out in eye-turning style. For a simple way to invigorate your look without dropping a lot of cash, a costume jewellery necklace scores maximum points. And what better necklace to choose than one which embodies the many essences of spring?

Created with care and attention to detail, this “folk” or “handicraft” necklace achieves a bright and warm atmosphere around any neck, bringing the spirit of the season to the foreground. Starting with quality brass-coloured findings, the necklace spans a full fifty centimeters and is a blast to wear alone or pair with coordinating pieces. Many different kinds of jewelry treasures blossom along the necklace's length, from bright red pom-poms with a soft touch and lightweight feel, to sleek-looking burgundy cord-wrapped beads and wooden accents in complementary tones.

Exuding an air of creativity, this intriguing piece of costume jewellery mimics the new beginnings of spring, suggesting the bright and energizing colors that fill the landscape when the season takes over. It's lofty spirit is tempered by a flair of drama, owing to its rich and vibrant scarlet hues, able to accent, dominate, or simply top off any look, especially where a little bit of cozy warmth is wanted. Great for a small splurge as a gift to oneself, this fashion necklace is equally appreciable as a birthday, anniversary, or Mother's Day gift, and is a dead-ringer for Valentine's. Yet the whimsical fancy and fashion-forward piece makes an inviting statement when given at any time, year-round, and can easily adapt to the looks of summer, fall, and even chilly winter itself.

No matter the occasion nor the fury of the weather outside, Janeo's red folk necklace is the perfect cure for the blues -- whether of the fashion or the figurative kind. A quick glance in the mirror, a simple touch of the fuzzy, jubilant poms, or an intensive session of playing jewelry dress-up with this substantial statement piece can bring brightness and joy into any day, however dull. Accessibly priced and constructed with excellence, the necklace is sure to become an instant favorite amidst anyone's jewelry box or accessories closet. As the new season unfolds, so will the wearer's spirit -- and the smiles of all who gaze upon this modern yet irresistibly fun piece.

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