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Friday, 27 March 2009

NY Antique Jewelry & Watch Show Gets Set for Another Year

Antique jewelry is enough of a global interest to warrant a litany of specialty shops and dealers, from roadside shop owners in dusty, small-town cities to major outlets that buy old jewellery items by the kilogram. There's sometime truly special about an antique look, and the limitless fashion appeal provided by a sentimentally-themed necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch, time piece, or pair of earrings can impart a considerable amount of substance and depth to any outfit and overall impression. With that in mind, the annual New York Antique Jewelry and Watch Show is preparing for another exhibition this summer. Taking place July 24th through the 29th, this substantial showcase is in its third year of operation and is anticipating a large turn out in comparison to last year's bustling crowd. Despite the somewhat painful clutches of the current economy, the show organizers are hopeful that loyal jewelry fans and those simply looking for a fun day of shopping will part with a fifteen dollar admission fee (covering all four days of the event) to sift through the offerings in search of something truly special.

Of course, shopping is one of those past times that simply can't be replicated. But as far as antique jewelry is concerned, it doesn't take a hefty dose of Father Time to turn a piece into something with that special lustre and old-fashioned appeal. Antique jewellery is a subject of great interest within the greater scope of costume jewellery itself. As many genuine antique pieces carry with them an exorbitant cost or an absolutely priceless personal history, using the pieces as they were originally intended -- for show -- can be risky, or even impossible. An antique brooch may cry out to be paraded on a coat, scarf, or sweater, but its considerable monetary value may make visions of losing the item or threatening its value with moisture or sun exposure enough to sentence the piece to the jewelry box forevermore. And an old necklace handed down through the generations may be a perfect match for a new cocktail or special occasion dress, yet never see the light of day to ensure its findings are kept intact and that its stones aren't scratched or lost. It's a sad fate for jewellery pieces, but costume jewelry items are easily able to step up and take on the elements come rain or come shine.

This Emperor Brooch Pin, sparkling with a bevy of round and oval Swarovski crystals, imparts an otherworldly glow while hinting at the fashion and feel of yesteryear.

Equally elegant, these graphite Swarovski 925 sterling silver earrings with a whimsical yet understated structure evoke a classic look with none of the pitfalls of Grandma's pieces.

Those who don't find the items of their dreams at this year's New York Antique show, or who can't make it to the venue, can still show off an antique look with costume jewellery -- and boast its many benefits.

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