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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brilliant Butterfly Choker Brings out the Best of Costume Jewellery

There are few creatures of nature as universally beloved and celebrated as butterflies. From the familiar and bold black-and-orange monarch variety to exotic species that fill the jungles, rain forests, and plains of the world, butterflies have captivated the human imagination and spirit from time immemorial. The intricate beauty and symmetry of butterfly wings are a powerful draw to the eye, appealing to the innate aesthetic sense and delighting viewers with diversity and complexity. But it is not simply the final appearance of the butterfly that makes it so very attractive. Highly symbolic, the butterfly's journey from caterpillar to chrysalis and to its eventual fluttering form is the subject of everything from children's literature to grown-up poetry, and everything in between. The world of fashion and jewelry has enjoyed a long and friendly relationship with the image -- and the concept -- of the butterfly. Seeking to create and accentuate beauty, it seems only natural that the industries should wholeheartedly embrace such a figure of transformation, creation, and glamour. In recent decades, the butterfly has become especially popular as a wearable symbol, whether silk-screened onto a simple garment, embroidered into a fine fabric, or glistening in jewels and metals as a piece of jewellery.

It's this last manifestation of the modern butterfly that seems best able to capture the bright and boundless spirit of the whimsical creature. Portrayed in many different forms, the structure remains recognizable and offers a multitude of options for ornamentation. Costume jewelry is certainly no stranger to butterflies, and exemplifies the fact beautifully in this dramatic yet fun gold-finish butterfly choker. Measuring twenty-eight centimeters long with an adjustable seven centimeter chain for optimal fit, this modern necklace is sure to become a wardrobe staple throughout the warm months or whenever there's a call for something flirty and interesting.

The choker's centerpiece consists of a generously sized butterfly pendant, which, fluttering at the base of the throat, draws attention to the neck and creates a warm and well-groomed aesthetic, perfect for first impressions. The pendant features an array of delicate, multi-faceted Swarovski crystals evoking the ever-changing colors and shimmer of aurora borealis. The center oval-cut stone recalls the rich tones of dark topaz, and serves to pull the piece together into a central pop of color.

The pendant stays put on a unique and attractive series of six gold-toned ball and chain strands, which culminate at the center and form a graduated “waterfall” of sparkle and shine. Creating vibrant twinkles of color with every movement, this choker is made to be seen and shown off. With the power of one of nature's most majestic fauna as its personal totem, the necklace combines natural beauty with the fun and affordability of costume jewellery -- a match seemingly made in heaven.

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