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Sunday, 5 April 2009

First Lady's Fashion Evokes Elegant Comfort, Classic Shapes

First Lady Michelle Obama has been hailed as a competent and compassionate leader and thinker, quite capable of aiding her husband's aim for positive change in the United States. But in the few short months since the Obamas' entry to the White House, and even during the long and arduous campaign trail leading to the President's eventual victory, the First Lady has been highly acclaimed for something not quite as essential to the course of human history, but still able to captivate the minds, eyes, and credit card statements of people around the world. Michelle Obama's fashion sense has quickly become known as a return to the classic shapes and elegant yet casual feel of the mid-twentieth century, recalling the air of Jackie Kennedy. Whether hopping off a plane or attending a state dinner, the First Lady's fashion picks show an attention to taste and detail while still managing to stay true to her own personal aesthetic inclinations.

Shown here in February at an appearance at UCLA, Mrs. Obama dons an easy outfit of tailored chinos topped with a sleeveless, mandarin-collar white shirt that evokes grace and class without being overbearing. One of the First Lady's signature themes has emerged as a particular affinity for pearls. Whether freshwater, cultured, or lab-created -- or even made of glass, plastic, or bakelite, the round gobs of glow appear to be a favorite choice for pretty much any occasion. Showing off a piece of costume jewelry with lots of pizazz that nevertheless is able to carry through with the outfit's casual theme, Mrs. Obama sports a double row of aqua-tinted faux pearls at the Los Angeles university.

In this photograph taken just this week at Downing Street, London, the President and First Lady depart from a dinner for G20 Summit Leaders. Stepping out in style, Mrs. Obama pairs a tea-length a-line skirt with subtle structural details with a subdued white tank, showing off sleek lines while recalling the fanciful fashion of 1960's poodleskirts. Returning a staple wardrobe booster, she accents the tank's neckline with another double row of pearls, this time creating the classic creamy glow of natural beads.

Seen here again last week, Mrs. Obama paid a visit to Maggie's Cancer Caring Center also in London. Creating quite a buzz with her sparkling, barely-pink cardigan, the First Lady exuded comfort and style. Cardigan maker J Crew reported that the item quickly sold out following her appearance in the press. The same might hold true for the spearmint green pencil skirt as well, which helped create a vision of Spring and Easter without being gaudy. The double-stranded pearl necklace made a second appearance during the event.

Though Mrs. Obama may be able to enjoy jewelry a bit more flashy than the average American at the moment, her taste seems to stay on the side of pretty prudence. With bold yet classic costume jewelry and pearl pieces, she complements her stylish wardrobe and seems set to invigorate the national fashion consciousness with something practical, yet certainly special.

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