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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

An Ethnic Bead Necklace For Great Occasions

Every once in a while, as most jewelry lovers well know, a piece comes along which commands an extra special spot in the treasured jewelry box. Though many may cherish a piece handed down through the generations or which is otherwise attached to some sentimental appeal, there are jewelry items that by their aesthetic merit alone can warrant such an elevated status. And though it might seem surprising amidst the hype and hubbub surrounding expensive ice, it's certainly not necessary that a beloved item should burn a hole through the wallet. Costume jewelry achieves the appeal and intrigue of the essential look without demanding a lot of dough -- all the more reason to find a favorite. With the blossoming Spring, bright colors are emerging throughout the landscape, and wardrobes are becoming a bit more adventurous. It's the perfect season for trying something new, and Janeo has the perfect necklace for a tulip-hued adventure.

This bold yet carefully constructed necklace recalls the beauty of tribal adornments, deep in the jungles, rain forests, and plains of the earth's most remote and natural places. Brimming with mystery and hints of far-away lands, the piece is a perfect choice for bringing your own natural spirit to life. The necklace sits attractively on the decolte without being too long or constricting, and goes well with just about any top or outfit. The necklace features a large center stone with carmine red and burgundy tones surrounded by a playful yet elegant metal sculptural scroll. Two deep, ochre-hued cylindrical beads flank this centerpiece, while two beautiful marbled amber spheres complete the series. These elements combine to form a warm and pleasing palate that nevertheless supports the whimsy and international feel of the necklace as a whole.
The “stars of the show” are supported by various complementary beads, ranging from the subtle to the outstanding and eye-catching. Silver-toned beads carved with intricate geometrical patterns and specially antiqued continue the old-world feel and ethnically divers appeal of the necklace, while cylindrical and oval wooden beads bring out the piece's colors with a swirled finish of rich brown and golden tones. Tiny round metal beads tie the piece together and keep everything nicely spaced and punctuated.

The brightness and radiant glow of this necklace makes it a caring gift to give someone special, especially for those who understand the importance of culture and who embrace the craftsmanship and design traditions of people from around the world. The necklace makes a meaningful self-gift as well, empowering the wearer with artistic strength and a sense of broad-mindedness. As the weather begins to heat up and necklines become ever more open to ornamentation, this piece is sure to make -- and receive -- great statements wherever it goes.

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