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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Seattle Fashion Week Adds its Credentials to International Style

It seems a whole host of unlikely cities and causes are creating their own versions of the classic new York and Paris fashion weeks these days. Just on our blog here at Janeo, we've covered a fashion week in South Africa as well as one devoted especially to the curvy set. But while some determined purists may view this diversification as a negative thing, watering down the prestige and tradition of the original events, most fashion mavens and industry experts are all for the emerging fashion weeks. In addition to highlighting the local perks and flavors of cities that do not normally garner as much attention in the fashion world, these events tend to be organized and presented on a smaller, more efficient scale. This makes it possible for fans -- and future customers -- to get the full effect of the fashion itself without having to suffer in terms of prices inflated by the costs of a show. Taking full advantage of these benefits, Seattle is the latest city to add its fashionista credentials to the international collective.
Though the event may seem to be a completely new phenomenon to many, Seattle Fashion Week is actually celebrating it's five year birthday. With shows taking place last week and continuing through the weekend, the event is aimed at presenting the Spring collections of the city's finest upcoming designers. Known as a town with a lot of attitude, aesthetic appeal, and penchant for intelligent, efficient production, Seattle's connection with fashion is a strong one. The city's many conservatories and dedicated universities for art and design help the profession flourish among new generations. Of course, the local weather, which maintains a fairly overcast and drizzly demeanor through much of the year, plays a role in the particular manifestations of the fashion muse in this Washington mecca. But this constraint helps give Seattle fashion an extra flair and local sense of personality and identity.
The designs have been decidedly “earthy”; Seattle is, after all, a rather ecologically friendly and conscientious city. As such, a keen attention to structure was wed with organic materials and ideas, fully grounded pieces, and an attention to attractive function. Citing the growing number of big-name businesses making their home in Seattle, many event organizers described the need for fashion-forward duds that, if they didn't launch Seattle to the status of a Paris or a London, would at least address --and dress well-- the burgeoning professional public.
The shows' collections of accessories carry through the natural feel but add a bit of brightness and fun for playing with the themes of the season. Elegant rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, in materials ranging from sterling silver to swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones graced outfits, and created a strong impression of the marvelous talent of the city's jewelry designers. As their main event turns five and prepares for another year next Spring, these designers are sure to find their pieces, and their city, a bit brighter on the international fashion map.

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