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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Happy Swarovskanniversary!

To the late Mr. Daniel Swarovski and his company, that is. The famous crystal-making firm's successful couture design house is turning 20 this year, and has kicked off the new Spring season with a celebration of new pieces. Famous around the world for their intense sparkle, vivid color spectrum and easy affordability, Swarovski crystals have become a mainstay of everything from costume jewelry to designer clothes, accessories, and even home accents. But while most people are well familiar with the crystals themselves, having a few sparkling items in their collection or used to seeing the occasional tempting boutique, the story of the original company and its founding father are less known.
Daniel Swarovski, the son of a glass cutter working within the ranks of the Austrian monarchy, was born in the mid-19th century in the Czech Republic, then Bohemia. His principle achievement, likely the result of a youth spent paying close attention to the mechanics of his father's profession, was the invention of a special electric cutting machine which was useful and efficient during the process of creating lead crystal glass facets. In 1892, Swarovski acquired a patent for his invention, and shortly thereafter he founded the manufacturing company we know and love today along with two business partners.

The crystal, used for a variety of applications, quickly became a success, marked by their distinct brilliance and specially optimized refraction of light. The company was able to diversify as a result, allowing it to take on such lofty projects as Kristallwelten --a dedicated theme park in Austria with many exhibits displaying what beautiful heights the crystals can achieve. Today, the tiny sparklers are adored by jewelry fans of every ilk, and carry a notable connotation of prestige and structural excellence.
The Swarovski design house began taking advantage of the popularity of the crystals among celebrities to fashion red carpet-ready jewelry and accessories. The versatility of the crystals themselves allow for a wide range of styles and ideas to take shape, and many stars praise the label for its intelligent use of the classic cuts with modern spins on form and fancy. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the firm has released a spectacular line for Spring, retaining much of the line's original art deco feel while playing up fresh new ideas.
Janeo has a happy and healthy obsession, er, relationship with Swarovski crystals, and offers an array of gorgeous pieces that center on the spectacular brilliance and pop of the stones. From dangling drop earrings to glittering bangle bracelets and brooches, and even super-cute purse charms to hitch to a strap or zipper, stock is rich with items that understand the appeal of Swarovskis. Catching a few facets of light, twinkling forth a serene rainbow, and finishing in a rich original tone, these crystals attract the eyes no matter how they're set or styled. If you've never owned a piece, perhaps it's time to get in on the Swarovskanniversary yourself!

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