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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Seasonal Surprise: Halle Berry and the Breezy Red Carpet

There seems to be little that's capable of stirring up quite as much gossip and glamour as the illustrious red carpet, a Hollywood icon that has captivated the imaginations of movie fans and fashionistas, becoming a mainstay of high-profile events all over the world. In fact, so great is the modern adoration of the red carpet that events like high school proms have started to employ the device, letting dolled-up students experience a lavish stroll down the plush and paparazzi-laden corridor. Fashion is perhaps the biggest topic on everyone's lips when the carpet's rolled out, and the discussions and dissections have become so widespread and diverse as to warrant special dedicated TV shows and magazine columns.
Critics pour over everything from manicures to designer dress trends, costume jewelry and dazzling fine stones on loan from major jewellery houses, sky-high heels and sculptured up-dos, and all that can be scrutinized and studied, in between. And in the vast majority of cases, the fashion on display is as high as it gets outside of a palace or historical reenactment. Clothes specially created to be worn just for the night light up the scenery with luxurious fabrics, sparkling details, and impressive profiles. The formality of the red carpet is one of its most traditional aspects.
Yet not everyone with an invitation to walk the scarlet plank is determined to make a big to-do about it. There are some celebrities who simply don't feel the need to put on the ritz and cause a commotion with high-faloutin' or fancy fashion. Halle Berry is the latest example of this growing phenomenon. Appearing at the premiere of the film The Soloist this week, the highly acclaimed actress --looking radiant and healthy at 42-- startled onlookers by arriving in decidedly casual duds. Sporting a colorful floor-length summer dress evoking the hues of the warm and breezy ocean, Berry opted for thin-strapped flip flop sandals and a no-fuss bun. Central in the easy appearance was the choice of a long costume jewellery necklace, complete with playfully dangling charms.
Though many celebs who make such bold moves on the red carpet meet with scathing reviews when the press goes public, Berry's simple ensemble garnered rounds of applause from critics. It may be the case that, at least in the warmer months, such accessible fashion is becoming more widely accepted. In the wake of one of the most difficult economic periods in modern history, a bit of laid-back fun and realism might be creeping in on old conventions, pushing the pure old traditions of show business to adapt and grow with society at large. As the trend continues to emerge, it's likely that costume jewellery will have a hand in it, as well. Affordability and fun design are the mainstays of costume pieces, and promise excellent aesthetics and easy wear no matter the storms that might come our way.

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