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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rihanna Wants Jewelry Back

The entertainment industry was a bit shaken up a while back when the clash between singer Rihanna and beau Chris Brown erupted into a media circus surrounding alleged physical violence. We imagine, after the incident (which, even if it didn't involve a jail-worthy beating, was quite obviously emotionally disturbing enough to warrant some serious down-time), that Rihanna may wish for plenty of things to be returned to her. A bit of her privacy, perhaps, or maybe just some peace and quiet. But the singer has decided it's time to get her jewelry back --something we weren't aware she'd lost. It stands to reason if examined, though; the couple had attended Clive Davis' ritzy gala prior to the Grammys when the incident occurred, and a famous fashionista without a lot of ice at a big show business shindig is practically unheard of.
Still, the sum is a bit staggering. Rihanna was apparently wearing around 1.4 million worth of jewelry on the night in question. Seriously. As drawn as we are to oversized gems and gobs of glam, we're a bit stumped as to how, short of mummifying yourself in tennis bracelets, you can manage nearly one and a half million bucks of jewellery in a single outfit, but apparently the singer managed. The problem, it would seem, is that the Los Angeles Police Department confiscated the pieces on the scene, collecting the items as evidence. And ever since, they've been hanging out at the LA cop shop, wondering how it came to this.
It's not simply a matter of wanting to wear a certain bauble again. Rihanna may be realizing enough revenue from her record and touring sales to be afford such extravagant items, but she had nevertheless loaned this particular set from four different parties, specifically for the event. And now, it'd seem, these parties are pressing to have their glittering pieces given back. So just what are these contentious items? A rather unimaginative police report describes a set of three rings and a pair of earrings, all in a "yellow metal" and with "white stones," saving one piece. Alas, there are no carat or cut details to divulge, but with such an exorbitant price tag on the lot, we're sure the imagination can conjure up a few ideas.
Rihanna's lawyer has filed a formal request to have the items returned to the singer, noting that should a criminal trial against Brown take shape in the coming months, pictures and recorded descriptions of the jewelry can more than suffice for evidence. As Brown's lawyer allegedly agrees that the physical detainment of the jewelry isn't necessary, it appears that the pieces simply have to wait out a bit of paperwork before they find their way back home. After such an adventure, it remains to be seen if the pieces will enjoy a quiet retirement or go on to tour as the jewels that suffered much drama, but returned to be polished and worn anew.

rihanna, sans jewellery

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