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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Flowery Feature: Sweet Swarovski Chandelier Earrings

One quick look at costume jewelry on the modern market and it's plain to see that elegant looks are a popular theme. With large-crystal brooches or intricate filigrees, simple strands of gold or silver or necklaces that sweep over the collarbones, costume jewellery can evoke all the glamour of the red carpet or a special night out. But not every piece is completely devoted to seriousness and making a bold impression. In fact, the unique format and materials of costume jewelry allow an array of playful, whimsical pieces to shine their way through the designing process and onto a delighted ear, wrist, finger, or neck. While we're all for pieces with a modern, understated feel, sometimes a jewelry wardrobe needs something decidedly girly --and Janeo has a collection of items that's sure to hit the spot. Case in point, these wonderful rose-hued Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings.

pink swarovski chandelier earrings

Detailed, dangling drops twinkling here and there with color and sparkle are a hot trend in earrings, and this pair delivers in all the right places. The complex, rhodium-plated bases form darkly sparkling crosses, affixed with deep pink crystal gems that draw the eyes with captivating light and geometry. Leading towards the top, a metal double-chain creates balance and is joined in a delicious cluster of candy-pink, smaller Swarovskis, which form together in the shape of a daisy and play up the flowery theme that flutters throughout.
The true centerpieces of these cheery earrings consist of four enamel-coated flowers surrounding the central stone. These dainty jewels have iridescent Swarovski crystal pistils, and branching from these tiny bits of glimmer are wonderfully-toned, fancy-shaped petals, gradating from deep magenta to the airiest of pinks at the very edge. Falling from this central whirl of girlish glee, delicate strands of metal, crystal, and beads create a dramatic note with length and offset the weight and substance of the rest of the structure. Alternating single chain-link strands, light pink beads with darker pink Swarovskis, double chain-links, and a single, lengthy crystal-adorned drop with a dreamy clear-pink glass teardrop at the very end, these elements dance with the wearer during movement.

pink swarovski chandelier earrings

The total length of the earrings is 10cm, just the right length for getting the most out of the chandelier look without incurring too much weight or becoming overbearing. The findings and pierced hardware is of a complementary tone, and wearers are likely to find these an exceptionally comfortable style, even during extended use. Perfect for gift-giving as well as celebrating the warmer days of Spring and Summer, this pair exemplifies the possibilities of costume jewelry when stretched to meet the tastes of modern jewellery lovers. With just the right amount of shine and shades of pink that will tickle the senses, these earrings are a perfect marriage of girly and glamour --a marriage we hope will last long into the future and continue to turn out pretty baubles.

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