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Thursday, 14 May 2009

TV's "The Fashion Show" Kicks Off New Season

The explosion of reality television shows over the past decade or so has seen the creation of a handful of poorly-received duds. Though the premises may seem interesting on paper, it's not always the case that people are captivated by ho-hum interactions between characters that aren't actually characters, but everyday people. Of course, a number of such shows have been remarkably successful, too, leading to the question of just what makes a reality television show worth watching. We're inclined, as you might have suspected, to point to good choices in terms of wardrobe, but when pressed we might admit that there's something more involved. "The Fashion Show," which debuted recently on the Bravo network, may just have this certain je ne sais quoi, and the central theme of style, design, and flair can't hurt.
The show, run and figure-headed by bubbly designer Isaac Mizrahi, revolves around the idea of fashion as created by the country's most aspiring amateur designers. In a similar vein to other profession-related reality television programs, "The Fashion Show" makes an attempt at opening the doors of fame, fortune, and ultimate career success to whoever shows they most deserve it. Fans of this particular niche may harbor a fondness for Heidi Klum's "Project Runway," an enormously successful show of similar structure which will move from Bravo to the Lifetime network this season. But while Mizrahi's program may steal a few steps from its well-received predecessor, it takes a decidedly different stance on the meaningful moments in fashion design.
Each episode will focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of fashion design, taking an intimate look at not only the complicated creative processes involved but at the human drama that develops under the pressure and competition laid out by the show's premise. In an interview with PopEater, Mizrahi reveals that it is this personal, involved focus on toil, challenge, and competition which can make "The Fashion Show" truly distinct from other programs in the genre. After all, the show's tagline is "competition is the new black," hinting at the attraction to hard work, upsets, and shining moments that is respectably magnetic among most audiences.
So far, the designs featured on the show haven't been too extravagant, but we might be persuaded to wait patiently if the apparent trend of subtly inserting jewelry designs continues. Though the show is decidedly slanted towards garments, we watched with interest as a number of eye-catching accessories made their way onto the camera, including brooches, cufflinks, and even an outrageous feathered hat worn by the contestants. As Spring is in full bloom and the breezy summer months ahead, costume jewelry necklaces in layers of color and substance seem inevitable, as do more dramatic choices for evening wear. With baubles and finishing touches in sparkling metals and gems promising a bright season, we'll be checking out designers' choices --both big-names and rising stars-- as the weeks progress.

Designer and host Isaac Mizrahi
Designer and host Isaac Mizrahi.

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