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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Adam Lambert Loses "Idol" Title, But Wins Over Fashion Fans

The latest finale of hit TV show American Idol was a pretty extravagant spectacle; from start to finish, all the elements of the program were as packed as possible with action and extreme suspense as the final two contenders vied for their claim to international fame. Fans of the series were especially rapt this season as they followed the progress of two extraordinary male talents, each of which quickly became hot topics in the entertainment industries for their vocal talent and electrifying presence on stage. Though the competition between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, the two competitors who battled (and belted) it out 'till the end, was abuzz online and among coffee-shop banter for weeks, Lambert seemed to be emerging as the favorite choice of viewers as the show drew to its end.
But it was not to be; in a pretty major upset, Kris Allen emerged triumphant and will go on to reap the glory and profits of the show's title and prize. But while Lambert may not have received the specific honors so many hoped he would win, he certainly managed to attract an almost cult-like following in the episodes leading up to the finale. With a handsomeness described by many as "dark and intriguing" and a talent that's clearly visible in his stage performances, Lambert has won scores of fans through his stint with the series. And these fans aren't likely to diminish simply because he wasn't handed the ultimate prize. In fact, Lambert's defeat may prove a significant boost for his professional career, helping him to draw new fans and call on the support of old ones to help him launch his own place in the sun.
Great things may still come from this engaging singer, and avid Idol watchers who felt let down by the final decision may find that there's a different kind of winning awaiting those who have the right spirit. In Lambert's case, a great deal of that special spirit may come from his fashion sense, which was often in the entertainment news headlines during the course of the show and helped to define him as a performer. Always provocative without entering the realm of the ridiculous or overdone, Lambert seemed born for dressing like the rock star he had hoped to become. During a performance with legendary band KISS in the show's finale, Lambert donned an awesome leather jacket festooned with cage-work shoulder guards --a garment that might seen outrageous for most people, but looked perfectly in place and full of punch as the singer let loose with some of America's most popular bad boys. Throughout the season, Lambert's fashion choices showed a keen sense of taste and explored the possibilities of modern men's fashion, from costume jewellery to dangerously tight pants and drool-worthy shoe styles. Though he won't be wearing his duds for the show anymore, here's to hoping the entertainment industry adopts him and lets his excellent voice and accessories choice waltz back into the spotlight.

Adam Lambert rocks out in style. AP photo.

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