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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Cocktail Ring, Miss?

Though it doesn't seem like quite the optimal place to put them for showing off, cocktail rings seem to be on the brain lately. It could be the inviting summer weather calling out to costume jewellery afficionados, beckoning fashionable masses to slide a nice chunky (and funky) ring on every finger, or perhaps it's been the flashes of fingerly fun we've seen strutting down recent red carpet events like fashion weeks and the ever emulatable Cannes. Whatever the reason, the obsession doesn't seem to be yielding, though we're not entirely sure we mind.
We can try on and test out the great looks of cocktail rings simply by consulting the wisened and cultivated vaults of our inventory, which is rich in rings of every shape and color. The favorite pick this week is this enchanting cocktail ringwith an attitude that makes it perfect for both casual and formal outings (or even for just sitting around the house and admiring it from different angles). Set on a sturdy and attractive metal base, this ring brings an ample dose of pop and drama with a cascading cluster of sparkling and smooth beads.

black and clear cocktail ring

The focal point is an eye-catching Swarovski crystal in one of the hottest cuts this season. Dubbed the "trilliant" cut, this shape allows for incredible facets to come through the attractive and unusual structure, resulting in a central stone that is limitlessly interesting and capable of making a big first impression. Slightly offset to please the visual palate with a sense of bias, the stone is happily surrounded by beads of various shapes and sizes, ranging from big smooth balls to smaller sillhouettes that add a bit of charm and delicacy to the big impact of the overall piece.
What makes this ring so wonderfully wearable is the give each bead has on its setting; swaying with every movement, these pretty pieces of black, silver, and crystal create a lot of visual interest and have a satisfying tactile weight and feel. As with most of our costume jewellery rings, this delicious piece is presented in a free size, letting you adjust it to fit any finger or give it as a gift without worrying over the fit.

top view of cocktail ring

Hailing from our special limited edition exclusive designers collection, this ring may have many imitators out on the market, but you won't find its particular allure anywhere else. We ensure quality by choosing only the best materials and establishing lasting, meaningful relationships with our great designers, letting you reap the dazzling rewards. You can feel confident and comfortable with this gorgeous cocktail ring, secure in the knowledge that unlike many fine jewelers' pieces, it can stand up to a hard night out. With the beauty and personality of this extraordinary ring, you can capture the essential and timeless fun of costume jewelery, harnessing it for your favorite finger, or for someone especially deserving of a stylish Swarovski treat.

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