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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tibetan Silver Bangle for Bold Beauty

What do you imagine when you think about Tibet? You might call to mind a vision of serene monks clad in bright yellow and orange robes, humming their monotone prayers into the majesty of the sky. Or you might think of a different majesty –that of Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world which reaches impressively into space nearby. There are a lot of beautiful things to imagine when the subject of Tibet greets us, and our Tibetan Silver Bangle Bracelets are intent on becoming a part of this tradition. We offer several designs of bangle bracelets to suit a variety of tastes and moods, from the delicate to the bold, in shapes and sizes that impart a distinctive flair to the wrists and arms of the wearer.
This substantial Tibetan Silver Bangle Bracelet, one of the most celebrated items we sell, is the perfect piece for anybody with a love of conversational jewellery pieces as well as the beautiful possibilities of contrast and harmony. The design is a study in aesthetics and the ability of jewelry to covey meaning while managing to look spectacular. Whether on its own, combined with other silver or eclectic pieces, or worn in a pair on either wrist, this bracelet makes an undeniable statement whenever its worn, and is guaranteed to turn heads and draw eyes.

Full view of Tibetan silver bangle bracelet

The bracelet is composed of two distinct sections which, in combination, suggest the eternal balance so often depicted in the yin-yang symbol. But the piece achieves this balance entirely in its own way. The uppermost section of the bracelet features profoundly intricate engraving, revealing delicate, almost Corinthian, filigreed scroll work that gracefully undulates across the arc of the bracelet. The lower section, which positively gleams in the light, is piece of silver hammered into a slightly protruding profile, culminating in a dramatic “V” which points to the wrist and creates a strong sense of flair. These two sections are gently surrounded by tiny rows of dots and notches, engraved lines which lend an extra appeal of texture and interest, and which serve to tie the piece together into one extraordinary whole.
All engraved areas are set against a lovingly antiqued background, which adds a feeling of depth and interest to the piece, along with suggesting the quality of a treasured piece passed down through the generations. The contrast between the dark and monochromatic tones of the antiqued areas with the bright silver that takes on a range of subtle underlying hues is mimicked in the play between the scroll work and the plain metal, creating a magical appeal.

Tibetan silver bangle bracelet on model

The bracelet measures 5.3 centimetres in width, and has a satisfyingly heavy feel during wear. As with many of our pieces, the bracelet comes in a single size that can accommodate every wrist, and the design is appropriate for men as well as women. A vision of the meaningful beauty we associate with Tibet, this piece will likely remain a favorite among our clients.

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